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This is the ideal topic for us all to think about. We do it ... ... those of us that use the Internet ... of the time. Web pages, business letters, ... ... documen

This is the ideal topic for us all to think about. We do it
everyday,Guest Posting especially those of us that use the Internet the
majority of the time. Web pages, business letters, articles,
news releases, documentation and most certainly,
I have at times found myself proofreading our local
newspaper..and suspect their proofreader isn't necessarily
paying attention to his or her work. I have found scores of
web sites with the same problem. Terrible spelling and
common grammatical errors are high on the list.
Of course, some of us do not pay attention to these little
details, but entrepreneurs look for imperfections in a web
Do we all know how to proofread? Not necessarily. Looking
for misspelled words is scarcely enough to polish your
workmanship and neither is applying capital letters where
I am touching the surface with the most common
proofreading DO's. You might think a little differently
the next time you do the job.

1] Always proofread when you are at your daily peak.
In other words, do not try it, if you are sleepy or
distracted.You will definitely miss a number of errors.
Proofreading requires concentration.

2] Read the selection through and then read it aloud.
Read it to a friend and have them read it to you.
Read it backwards..that's what I said. You'll be amazed
at the errors in spelling you will encounter.

3] Use your computer's spell checker,but do not rely on
it.Often, there are times the checker will find errors
but the word meaning is different, such as "there" and
Use a dictionary to be sure of the correct meaning of
a word.

4] The thesaurus is helpful,but again the range of words
are limited,a book offers a broader list. Your choice
of words does make a difference when others read what
you have to offer, so go ahead and be choosy.

5] Be sure all beginning letters of a sentence are
capitalized.Names of importance, within the sentence
are a must to remember.

6] Look for sentence fragments, run ons and match
subjects with verbs.

7] Check those simple small words, such as: of, it,
in, is,for, be, and I.[I, should be a capital,
regardless of where it is.]

Other important points in addition to the ones above are
included below. These are not to be excluded and you may
think this is a lot of unnecessary work, but isn't your
piece important.
You wouldn't be writing it, if it wasn't.

1] Do you have enough ideas incorporated into your

2] Be sure you are not wandering away from the thesis.

3] Are you proving your point and is it interesting?

4] Is the content in order and does it flow smoothly?

5] Answer the following questions when you are proofreading.
A. Who?
B. What?
C. Where?
D. When?
E. Why?
If one of these are missing, then you need to go back and

All of the above tips for proofreading are of the upmost
importance even on a web page of your web site.
The following tips are also helpful in the finishing touches
of your site.

1] Start your inspection by checking to make sure all links

2] Look at the text and see if it is readable. If you
can't see it,others cannot read it. The background may
not be suitable.

3] Verify that all your information is up to date.

4] Is all the information in a sensible order, and delete
or add information.

5] Use the scroll bar on the side to view one line at a
either from the bottom or top. I find this very useful when
reading, etc.

Proofreading has a nature of time consumption and if you
do not have the time, find someone that does. It will boost
your sales and your site will have a look of a professional.

I am not a professional and never claim to be, but I will
proofread the following types of content, sent by email if
you want a little help.
I am not charging a enormous fee for the service.
I have an Associate Degree in Accounting, and extensive
courses in English, Business Communications, Ethics, and
Public Speaking.

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