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Make money in the online content business. Make $1000 a day writing articles using some of the most updated and resourceful marketing methods.

If you ever wanted to write articles online for a living,Guest Posting you could find yourself making $800. This figure can even be made higher thanks to the popularity of the Internet. Webmasters are finding themselves seeking the services of freelance writers on a regular basis. Some technical writers are finding themselves making a full time living with little or no experience. Are you ready to earn a full time income writing simple articles from home? Take note to this article as I show you the different ways you can make money writing online.

Skills Needed- Thanks to the Internet, there are little to no skills needed for making money online. The biggest thing you will need to do is avoid the “sweatshop writing mills”. What are these? These are the low paying sites that want to pay you $3 per article for your hard work! I’m sure many of you have seen them, “Get paid to write online and make money from home!”

While it is true you can earn money on the Internet writing articles, you will never get rich using this method. Take note to the rest of this article; I’m going to show you how to really earn a living writing articles on the Internet without these sweatshop sites. (By the way, Associated Content is one of those low paying sites; stay clear!)

Selling Your Own Writing- Okay, now here is the real way to earn over $1000 a day writing articles from home. If you want to make it in the writing industry, you have got to sell your own writing. There are multiple ways you can go about doing this:

1)      Content marketplaces- These are places where you can market your articles. There are many pros and cons to using these magic places to promote your articles. Some pros is that you don’t have to work hard at promoting your articles. If the site already has a fair amount of traffic and you write on a hot topic that many webmasters are interested in, then you can earn a pretty good decent amount of money writing articles.

The cons include the stiff competition and the fact that many content marketplaces are really overcrowded. Most articles don’t sell well if they are over $10. Also, many of the content marketplaces don’t protect your article from being scraped by the search engines, which can make your article sample look like a duplicate.

Some good websites to use to promote your articles include; Constant-Content and Constant-Content has a higher page rank and is frequented by webmasters the most. In one section of their site, they have a list of articles that are in demand. Many writers claimed that if they write an article based around a “high demand article”, they sell their content a lot faster. If you are looking to get rich with this method, you might want to take a long breath first, because it is not easy. In fact, many writers who sell their content using this method don’t even make it to $2000 a month, but it is still a good option if you are new to the article writing business.

Your Own Website- This is the best option in my opinion. Your website will act as your business card. The more people you can get to your website, the more offers you will get. Here are some things to include on your website to attract potential clients:

Tell them the type of writing you offer- Most webmasters are interested in certain topics. Some just want to know if you offer SEO, promotional, general or niche articles. Some are only interested in PLR articles. You should pick which one you want to specialize in so your customers will keep coming back. They will know you offer a certain type of article, and that is how you truly earn your money.

Picture of Yourself- Of course, many people are not comfortable with plastering a pic of them on the Internet for the world to see, but it will get you more clients in the end. Clients are quicker to trust people when they see a picture of them. You can even add a logo to brand your business. Make sure your website is neat so it doesn’t look like a scammer trying to get a quick buck.

Writing Samples- Writing samples are the key to your business. You need to show webmasters your writing ability and style. This is why I mentioned you should pick a certain type of article to write. To make sure your samples are not stolen, make sure to either provide a url link to your published work or a url address to a pdf file. If you don’t know how to do the PDF file, then you can just use a free blog to purchase your articles on. Make sure to link to those articles in your writing sample section.

Paypal Verified Seal- Most people who do online business have heard of a Paypal merchant. They are trusted (even though they have problems and more people are using alternative options for their online merchant). If you are a verified Paypal account holder, all you have to do sign up for a seal online. You will be given a html code to place on your website.

Types of Writing You Can Sell- Of course, when you will be marketing yourself online to sell your articles, it is best figure out what type of writing you want to specialize in. Of course, you can always branch out and write any type of writing you feel you are gifted in, however, it is easier for new writers to stick with a certain type of writer.

PLR Articles- These are called, (Private Label Articles) and webmasters like them because they are cheap and can be sold over and over again. Also, the buyer can claim themselves as the original owner. This means they can submit the articles to multiple websites (article directories) for traffic to their own site.

Poems- These are starting to become more and more popular. Most companies that use these services are greeting card companies. There is a ton on the Internet. is a good place to create greeting cards and sell them in bulk to greeting card companies.

Short Stories- This is another way to earn a lot of cash online writing articles. Short stories are more in demand with online ezines that may have paid subscribers. They usually pay an upfront payment to writers who contribute useful and quality stories to the site according to their submission guidelines.

SEO Articles- This is very popular with webmasters. If you sell SEO articles, you should be able to sell them quickly like hot cakes. It does help to take a course in SEO first before starting to write SEO articles on your own.

As you can see, there are multiple ways you can earn at least $800 writing articles online. The key is to use multiple revenue sources to earn money. Never stick with one company or publisher and get comfortable. To earn money on the Internet, you have to keep a lot of options just in case one option runs dry. Before you know it, you will be earning $800 or more a day writing articles from home.

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