How Blog Success Is Like Political Success

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Your blog success, especially if you're looking to earn money blogging, in many ways is EXACTLY like getting elected to a political office!
Read further to discover 3 remarkable similarities & lessons between building a successful blog & running a successful political campaign!

Your blog success,Guest Posting especially if you're looking to earn money blogging, in many ways is EXACTLY like a political campaign! Considering this is the season for politics, at least here in the US, I thought this comparison was fitting, so thanks for indulging me! But getting back to building a successful blog that can produce a steady internet income, let's examine the similarities between being a blogger or a politician!

Advertise vs. Campaign

Bloggers are like any other business entities found online insofar as they must advertise their presence to get visitors to their platform! Generating traffic using whatever means available is the only way to develop a successful blog, which is of course is one that has plenty of visitors! Politics are very similar due to the fact they must 'get out there' and make their 'points or position' known to voters as well! Of course the way you advertise your platform or present your political position is how you influence visitors or voters! The bottom line is that without creating this awareness neither bloggers nor those in politics will every experience the success they seek!

Visit vs. Vote

For every visit to your site or vote in your favor both the blogger and the politician have moved one step closer to their ultimate goal! In the case of someone trying to earn money blogging, you now have the attention of a potential customer while a single voter puts you that much closer to being elected to office!

Purchase vs. Elect

By virtue of the visitors you have 'persuaded' to land on your platform that make a purchase, a blogger is now earning an internet income! One sale might not be much but when you are able to generate enough sales you are definitely on your way and obviously you're doing something right! The same can be said for the candidate looking for votes, the more they received the greater their chances of winning the election! In either case both the blogger and the politician needs to maintain a consistency of their prior efforts to continue along the same successful path that seems to be working!

Although achieving blog success in terms of generating an internet income has been compared to politics, please excuse any unintended insults! I speak of course to those who want to earn money blogging since they in fact contribute POSITIVELY to our economy! The reason for the comparison between building a successful blog that fills a demand and generates an internet income and those with political aspirations is simple! Both need to earn the popular vote with their audiences to succeed, and where the blogger must prove their worth, politicians merely have to tell people what they want to hear! However building a successful blog does offer 'parallels' to that of the political election process, and that ironic comparison was the intent here today! Thanks for indulging me!

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