How to Make Money as a Writer

Dec 17


Marie Clar

Marie Clar

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This article reveals how writers can transform their hobby into a way of making money. It shows how to find your area of expertise, build a portfolio, and find clients.


How to Make Money as a Writer

In our current world,How to Make Money as a Writer Articles talent pays more than any form of employment. Whether it is singing, blogging, or speaking. This has been accelerated by a lack of jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Youths are forced to find alternative ways to make money to sustain their living. Writing is one such talent. Freelance writers usually are very talented individuals who love writing as a hobby and are now using it to make money.

Find your area of expertise

There are many online sites you can publish some examples of your writing and find clients. These platforms bring a customer and writer together. In order to write great articles, the writer has to find his/her area of expertise. This is the environment the writer is in, things which he/she loves or is involved in like career, hobbies, parenthood, self-learning and such. Also things which the writer would love to do in the future. Writing what you are going through brings out a lot of creativity. Also, things which the writer would love to do in the future. Writing what you are going through brings out a lot of creativity. Creativity is the spice of great writing. These are areas where you are confident in.

Meet expectations 

Clients give recommendations on the work done. To write a decent article first you should have basic knowledge on the topic. This can be done by doing proper research and checking what other authors write about it. One more important aspect is to find ways to gain inspiration. When you deliver a good copy, your rating increases and you get more clients. This way, the client can decide to pay more for the good work done. This way I can make good money online by writing different kinds of content. For best-rated freelancers, websites offer rewards to the writers. These act as a motivation for writers to do even better work.

All writers have time to spare and uninterrupted internet. The flexibility of working at home conveniently is another factor. A freelance writer has the freedom to work at any time of the day. He/she also has the freedom to choose any type of work to do. This is an advantage because they will choose whatever is familiar to them. They also have the ability to bid on the works to do.

These give a freelance writer a wide range to choose from. Writing websites are readily available and this gives writers and clients a good platform to communicate.

How to find clients? 

Once you have created your portfolio of articles, there are many platforms to air them out to find suitable clients. The most common one is online writing websites where writers can bid on works to do. LinkedIn is another platform where professionals come together. Blogging Pro is another platform that posts blogging jobs every day. Once you sign in to any of the platforms, you post out the best articles you have written. This will increase your chances of growth and meet new clients and wring more.

Other ways to make money as a writer 

There are many ways of writing online. First is through blogs for magazines and papers. Sometimes the article wants to address a certain topic of interest. A freelance writer can creatively write such a blog and post it out to the newspaper for publishing. This requires a lot of knowledge on the said topic. Also for specific magazines, a freelance writer can make money by posting articles to be published. The writer has to gather facts well about the said topic.

Another way to make money online by writing is by reviewing books or events. A book reviewing is very common to writers who love to read books or visiting events and write about them. The writer reads the book or watches a performance and analyses it based on style and content. Additionally, you can write a review of a company and get paid for it. 


If you have the skills, passion, and time for writing, you can make money online. Get started and do what you love doing at the comfort of your home.