Learn How Paid Articles Can Earn You Part-Time, Full-Time and Lifetime Income

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Paid articles will increase your income like no other online business. You don't need any startup money. You don't have to be employed. In fact, if you've recently been fired or laid off, you can easily recoup income with paid articles. I'd like to help you do that now.

Have you ever considered adding paid articles to your list of income sources? If not,Guest Posting there's no better time than the present. Writing for money online is one of the simplest, easiest ways to earn reliable, recurring payment. There are several online outlets that pay writers for articles. Consider, for instances, websites such as Associated Content and Bright Hub. Both websites allow writers to sign up and begin writing and submitting articles. In some cases, writers can write articles of their choice while in other circumstances, they can fulfill assignments that the site has available.How much money can I make with paid articles? you might be wondering. The possibilities are endless, but they're mostly dictated by how much time you have to write. For instance, many writers work part-time at paid articles and part-time at a "real" job.As a personal writing coach, I tell my students that they should be able to make over $1000 per month. That's $250 a week, or $50 per day for a regular work week. This is a very attainable goal, and one that many writers reach all around the country - even around the world.Many writers make much more than this per month. Some writers make upwards of $3000 each month and earn $150 per day. While this requires the writer to pretty much work full-time, it is a coveted income nonetheless and is great for a stay-at-home mom who wants to be around when the kids get home from school or a dad who just lost his job. Even college students can make a large chunk of this money by working on nights and weekends.So where does this "lifetime income" come into play? you might be asking. I'll tell you right now - it's a beautiful thing you can only find online. It's called performance payments.Some companies refer to it as "revenue sharing."Here's how it works:1. Writers submit articles, either for performance payment only or upfront payment AND performance payment, depending on the article type.2. Readers click on the article and give it more views.3. The writer makes money off of each article view. Writers can earn between $1.50 and $4.00 for every 1,000 page views. This might not sound like a lot, but when the writer has several articles on his or her account, these views add up very quickly, especially if the article is a popular one.You will make money on these paid articles for the entire life of your account! That's right! Some writers make several hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year on page views alone. Think how much this can add to your bank account to pay for grocery bills, auto insurance, student loans, your children's college funds or even just a little extra vacation money.

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