Learning How to Write an Article Description

Jan 12


TJ Philpott

TJ Philpott

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Composing a good article summary is a very important part of successfully submitting your content to online article directories. The article description is often what readers will see first before deciding if they want to read any further so it needs to be written well. Find out here how to write an article summary that will get more people to read your articles.

Learning how to write an article description is important since having one is a requirement of most article directories. This online marketing strategy is a very effective method many use to increase business exposure on the internet. An important component of writing articles that is often overlooked however is the article summary. This component of the writing process is very important because article directories display this to readers first. If the summary is intriguing enough then people will choose to further explore the content of your article and if not you lost a reader.

Here is a quick 5 point outline you will want to follow to be sure your article summary is descriptive and intriguing enough to get people to read it.

Keep it Brief

An article summary is called just that because it is suppose to be brief. Limit the amount of words or characters you use to ensure it will fit into the allotted space at each directory. It is recommended to use 450 characters or less.

Use the Intro Paragraph

To save time you can use your opening or closing paragraphs in the article summary provided they are brief and descriptive enough to be used here.

Use Complete Thoughts

Use complete thoughts and focus on the most significant idea or points of your article. Your intention is to give readers an overview of what it is that your article contains.

Be Accurate in Your Description

Your description should not be misleading but instead should convey what readers can expect to get out of reading the article. This is not an ad you are writing so stay 'on target' and maintain accuracy.

Include ONLY Article Information

The article summary should contain only a description about the content of the article itself and should not include any personal or business information. Once again you are not to use this as a promotion of any sorts or most article directories will not allow your content to be published.

Knowing how to write an article summary is an important component of the writing process. As we mentioned most article directories show readers your summary first and let them decide if they want to read further. With that said it is easy to understand the importance of submitting articles with well written summaries. The 5 points we discussed above are intended as a guide to ensure your summaries are descriptive,Learning How to Write an Article Description Articles intriguing and formatted correctly. Writing articles as part of your online marketing strategy is an effective means to generate a ton of exposure. By writing a good summary you will increase the chances your articles get read and not collect dust in the archives of some article directories.