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I have always been a gadget freak. I brushed by interest with technology when I was in high school. My dad had gifted me an amazing mobile phone.

 My joys knew no bounds when I received it. It was way different for me – the motive. I didn’t want one to chat with my friends or play games. I wanted to explore what went into the making of a technological device as great as this. This was in the late 90s. Gradually I grew up,Guest Posting but my love for technology grew deeper and deeper, and was intrigued by it more and more. Now I have a stable job, a decent salary, my own house and everything I needed for a good standard of living. And to top it all, I have a home theatre, almost all household appliances to cater to my various needs, a laptop and a tablet to keep my interest alive and kicking. Just when I thought I had the technology under my control, an invention amazed me. It was time for smart watches to take on the world, and I instantly knew I had to buy one. With everything taking the ‘smart’ way, it did not quite come as a surprise, but I was still amazed at the power of technology.

What is a smart watch?

Like any other smart device, a smart watch keeps you updated with everything happening around the world, apart from just performing its function of telling the time. Now as a buyer, you would definitely be keen on knowing what’s in store for you if your buy one. First, it might be the most convenient smart device you can ever own. Why, you ask? How difficult is it to wear a watch on your wrist! All you need to do is keep is connected to your smart phone, so you don’t have to take out your phone each time a message comes or someone calls. Loaded with unthinkable and intelligent features, a smart watch will let you keep a tab on your phone without any hassle.

Features to look for

While choosing a smart watch, one thing that you must absolutely look for is the display type. You can go for ones with LCD displays, black and white displays, AMOLED and OLED displays or protecting glass displays to help you see the activities clearly. When choosing the interface, you can go ahead with either a touchscreen or physical buttons depending on your convenience. Some of the other features that you can expect to come across are voice control, music, alarm and camera. And rest of the features like strap material, dial shape and colour, go for the one that you will choose while choosing any other watch.

Buying online

Now you can buy smart watches for men and women online from various shopping portals from the comfort of your home. You can choose from brands like Times, Casio, Sony and Suunto. Add one to your wardrobe and make your life easy.

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