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When you are at the point, where internet marketing is understood as the must, you should make your homework on how to submit internet article or press release.  At this time (earlier 21st century), internet search engines are not really selective on what is commercial information and what is contribution to your product users community, meaning article

Saying this,Guest Posting if you find reasonable number of PR publication media portals – you should be getting similar results as if you are submitting your news as article.  Saying this, we should also give you our additional opinion – article is better, as it is structured as community service, while PR is rather pure commercial information, so in the long run article should win the best page rank.  Let’s review some article and press release writing and submission guidelines:

1.       Keywords in your header.  It is kind of common knowledge and at the same time it is the secret, as many article publication and PR portals do not want you to obese news headlines with  your keywords.  General rule is this – try to construct your header as natural sentence, where you use your targeted keywords – at least four or five of them.  If you use more than five keywords in the title – search engine will consider this material as being too persistent in trying to get pagerank

2.       Natural reading of your header.  Here you should apply your creativity and try to use natural language constructions to have your key word containing news headline look smooth and even innovative.   Let us give you example: if you are trying to get high page rank in ERP systems, you can use the word “intelligent enterprise”, which seems to be out of the set of guessed keywords, but it will bring the innovation style to your header

3.       Number of characters.  Some PR publication sites limit you at three thousand characters, be aware that these sites typically require or recommend you to provide graphical image of your company logo  - this helps their site to look cool as information portal.  In our opinion, if you would like to get top position in google search – your article or press release should be about one page – this means that it is about five thousand characters

4.       Where to submit your PR or article.  Here you should be familiar with statistics.  Google, Yahoo, MSN do not guarantee your article to be on the top if you submit it to specific media portal.  They apply randomization, meaning that if you submit your news to ten portals, you will get yourself on the top in search engines in the pages from probably two web portals

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