The Current State of Grammar

Nov 9


Boris Chistyakov

Boris Chistyakov

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Rules change. And the rules of grammar are not impervious to these changes. In fact, the language is constantly changing that some of the rules that were being enforced before are no longer applicable today.

There are also words now that have been added to dictionaries that are not used before the same way that there are archaic words that have been deleted from the dictionary because they are not being used anymore.

But with the birth of the internet,The Current State of Grammar Articles words and language have gone into a major change. This is because more and more people are already using the language and most of these people do not know anything about the rules in grammar. They write as they talk and as most editors will tell you, the way we talk is a lot different from the formal rules of writing. In blogs right now, people use language without rules. Some blogs feature grammar that is so atrocious, language professors and grammar experts are lamenting on the degradation of the language. And the worst thing about this situation is the fact that people don't care. They don't care how it is written as long as the actual content of the article is interesting. Some are even criticizing these blogs, thay this is the start of a different kind of language, which does not follow any rules.

Some people however feel these blogs will further the field of language because people have become readers once again. What televisions have done to us, the internet is doing now. Because of television, only few people read. They get their news on TV as opposed to reading it from the newspaper. However, with the internet, people are starting to read their stuff from the internet because it is faster. And with people reading more now, some people feel that language will benefit greatly.

But this can only happen if what they are reading is the correct form. The problem is that although people are becoming readers through the internet, what they are reading are not necessarily right and subscriber of the rules of grammar. This can lead to the birth of a new language and new grammar rules. Spellings are even given different forms. Because of how fast information are being transferred now, spellings of words are written in contracted forms with vowels missing. Words are often spelled according to the way it is pronounced.

Experts believe that it is important now to teach bloggers the rules of grammar as they will be the next proponents of the language. They are the ones being widely read right now and it is vital that they set a good example for the young on the rules of language. This is why people are starting to also post grammar rules on the internet to cater to this market. These grammar sites are being administered by people who are also experts in their own rights in the language. Some dictionary sites are also adding pages on grammar and the rules of the language. This helps people who want to check on their grammar instantly and to also look at some of the rules that they should be following. Usually, people have problems on their verbs and their prepositions. You will find a lot of websites dedicated to these subjects.

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