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Read the follow article to follow the proper book manuscript format even if you are a radical writer. You will learn some essential tips to successfully submit your book manuscript.

Here's why you should follow the proper book manuscript format even if you are a radical writer. Though you might consider yourself as a revolutionary both in thought and action,Guest Posting one sure way when your manuscript might be rejected would be to hand it in a way that is not fitting. Editors are called editors for one strikingly simple reason, they edit. They do so with gauntlets of steel and helmets of irony. The moment that they see a manuscript that is riddled with unscrupulous formatting meant to impress or deceive them, out it goes the window as many others have.

To be sure that your submission follows the proper book manuscript format, copy and paste the list below and print it. If you would like, you may even put it in a frame right on top and in front of your writing desk. In this way, you will never ever forget it at all:

• Editors like page numbers. They help them sort the pages out should pieces of these ever fly somewhere on the jungle that is their tables.

• Editors like double spacing. It's a waste of paper, but makes editing and comments easier.

• Editors like Times New Roman and a font size of 12. Not a specific rule, but is the one that's quite comfortable to read. Small and overly artistic is bad. Also check for instances when the font may print out smaller on paper.

• Editors like one inch margins. While some may want larger margins at the right, the most common rule is one inch on all sides. This helps them make comments and suggestions.

• Editors like header information. Not because they're obsessive compulsive, but because they'd like to be able to piece together pages from the same manuscript. Editors may read multiple manuscripts at any given time which could get mixed up whenever the pages get lost. Contents should include the author's name and the title of the manuscript.

• Editors do not like spaces between paragraphs. There's just no sense in adding more space when there's already plenty available. This is also the reason why the first line in the paragraph should be indented.

• Editors like cover pages. This is the first indication that you are following the proper book manuscript format. Use it wisely and the editor would turn the page.

• Editors like the print only on one side of the page. Not exactly an environmentally friendly bunch, this makes pages of your manuscript easy to photocopy.

These are just the fundamental aspects of the book manuscript format that publishers look at firstly. There are others as well, but do not have the same bearing as the ones mentioned above. Take notice of them and you won't have to deal with rejections and numerous modification requests. Ignore them and suffer the uncertainty of not knowing what happened to your manuscript.

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