Writer's Block - Defeating the Demons

Dec 17


TJ Philpott

TJ Philpott

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For anyone writing articles for promotional purposes the most dreaded two words that come to mind is writer's block. This common mental barrier is very disruptive to the writing process itself and can cause not only frustration but a loss of income. Read more to discover 3 simple techniques you can instantly implement to minimize any disruption writer's block may cause for you.

Writer's block is a common and occasional hindrance to anyone who spends a fair amount of time writing articles. For many reasons this 'demon' rears its ugly head to completely disrupt our writing process rendering any and all efforts useless. Now if you write articles to generate traffic for an online business this can be not only frustrating but also costly.

What we want to explore here today is how to quickly overcome this irritating mental block that disables us from writing articles and promoting our businesses.

Here are 3 tips you can use when you write an article to help break through these occasional barriers.

Set Article Length Limitations

Instead of spending time and effort trying to cover EVERY detail in one article limit yourself to getting just the 'point' across. You will be amazed how quickly you can churn out an article when you are not searching for the best way to explain multiple details.

Consider your article a basis for simply making a point and not a comprehensive teaching lesson. You will experience greater success in maintaining a constant flow of thought that can be easily transferred to writing.

Write a Series of Articles

When writing articles it is difficult to comprehensively cover all the points you may want to make. By taking any points that require further exclamation from previous articles you now have a topic upon which you can base your next composition. Potentially every article you write now offers you a new topic to pursue in a new article.

Writing in this way is great for developing a following of readers since your follow-up articles will serve to address any questions left unanswered.

Utilize a Format

When you write an article using a strict paragraph format you often need to stop and focus on having each paragraph blend or transition smoothly into the next. As you know the slightest interruptions can break your train of thought and bring your progress to a standstill.

Using a format such as bullet points,Writer's Block - Defeating the Demons Articles numbers or sub-titles however allows you to focus on just the content of each point or sub-topic. This approach helps you avoid the time and thought disruption that many times occurs when trying to 'choose' your words correctly.

Writer's block is disruptive to the writing process but does not have to be tolerated for any length of time. When you write articles for promotional purposes this disruption is not only frustrating but also costly to your business. It is therefore important to learn how to quickly overcome this occasional nemesis. The 3 strategies discussed above are a means to minimize the disruptive nature of this mental block when your write an article. By implementing them you will be able to regain the flow of fresh ideas and forward momentum needed to keep you on track to achieve your goals.