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Ever since the creation of the internet, we have seen offline classified advertising drop in popularity. Marketers have now taken to the internet to advertise their products and services. This article will teach you how to write an effective ad and why you should use classified ads to advertise your site offline.

One of the most over-looked form of advertising is classified ads. As a marketer,Guest Posting you should be looking at ways to advertise your site online and offline using these ads. Because most marketers do not use the traditional classified ad method, those who sell ad space are now selling these spaces at rock bottom prices. So now is the time to buy ad space.

But before you go out and buy ad space, you will need to know how to write an effective ad. Below are the components of an ad and how each component should be written in order to be effective:

1) Ad Headline: I believe the headline is the most important part of the ad. This is where you capture the attention of the reader. You only have a few seconds to capture his attention. The headline should promise a benefit and encourage the reader to read on. For example, a good headline would be: "Stop Smoking in 7 Days". For people who are looking to quit smoking, this ad would capture their attention and encourage them to read on as these people are curious as to how they can stop smoking in 7 days.

The headline should contain words that have been proven to get people's attention. Words such as:

a) Free

b) New

c) Guaranteed

d) On Sale

e) Discount

f) Save Money...

g) Make Money

h) Now Hiring

You can use any word that promise a benefit (Just make sure that the benefit you are promising is true). Use words that suggest your product or service will solve the reader's problems.

2) Ad Description: Once you have their attention, the description will briefly state how the product or service will benefit the reader. If you are using your ad offline, you will have to pay a certain amount per word. So your description should be brief and concise. Your description should also contain a call to action. This is where you tell the reader what you want him to do. For example, you might write, "For a free catalog, call: (555) 555-1234". Or if your ad is online, you might write, "For more details, Click Here".

3) Write Multiple Variations of Your Ad: Once you have written your first ad, write at least 3 variations of the first ad. This is important as some ads will give you better results than others. Don't get frustrated if your ads do not make sense at this point. It takes time to write an effective ad. I can remember times when I spent almost 8 hours writing a simple classified ad. Writing a really good ad will take some time.

4) Test Your Ads: Once you have at least 4 variations of the same ad, you will want to test each ad one at a time. Decide where you want to place the ad and run the ad. After you have tested all ads, you should now be able to see which ads gave you the best results. The ads that gave you the best results are the ads you will want to use to advertise your website.

Points to remember: Make sure your ad includes the key components, such as a Headline that grabs the reader attention, a brief description that describes how your product or service will benefit the reader and a call to action. While most people focus their advertising efforts online, don't forget to advertise offline as well. Offline advertising is still effective. So Good Luck in all of your advertising endeavors.

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