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Article marketing is an awesome way to get traffic to your website. Unfortunately, some marketers fail to benefit from this form of advertising because they fail to follow some basic rules and guidelines. This article will give you tips on how to get your articles approve by the article directory owner and ultimately get quality traffic to your site.

First,Guest Posting let me say this: There is no guarantee that your article will be approved by any directory. But if you follow the tips below, you will greatly increase your chances of getting your article approved.

Tip# 1: Before you submit your article to a directory, make sure you read their author's rules and guidelines. The majority of the directories basically have the same guidelines, but there are some directories whose guidelines are somewhat different. Reading these guidelines first will save you some valuable time. It will also save the directory owner time as he will not have to waste his time checking an article that does not conform to his guidelines. Once you have read these guidelines, you can adjust your article to ensure that it conforms to the directory's author guidelines. So read the directories guidelines first.

Tip# 2: The content of your article is very important. Do not write in general terms. Be specific as possible. People are searching the internet everyday looking for useful information and not junk information. The last thing they need is an article that does not offer any concrete or practical ideas or tips. Your article should be informative and help the reader solve his problems. It should give him the answers he's looking for. After the reader has read your article, you want him to feel that he learned something and that he found your article useful.

Tip# 3: Make sure you are using proper grammar and make sure you check your article for spelling errors. If you fail to follow this rule, your article will never get read. Readers will not waste their time if the article is filled with poor grammar and misspelled words. This is such a turn off to readers. In fact, the reader will probably never click on the links in your author's resource box. Why you ask? Well, by now, the reader is thinking this is such a horrible article I'm afraid to see what he is selling. So do yourself a favor, take the time to check your grammar and spelling.

To help you with your grammar and spelling, go to any search engine and do a search for "Free Online Grammar Checker" and then do a search for "Free Online Spell Checker". There are some awesome free programs that you can use online to ensure that your articles are grammatical correct and free from spelling errors.

Tip# 4: Make sure that your article is formatted properly. A reader will not attempt to read your article if your paragraphs consist of seven or more lines and if you have either not enough space or too much space between paragraphs. For one thing, articles formatted in this matter are not attractive and are hard to read. Make sure you have at least two to five lines per paragraph and that you have double spaces between paragraphs.

Tip# 5: Html codes in the body of the article and word count. Some directories allow html codes within the body of the article. But the majority of the directories do not allow html codes in the body of the article. To make sure that you always conform to the guideline of no html code in the body of the article, I suggest you always write your articles without html codes.

Also, articles directories have a requirement that your article must be a certain length. Most directories require that your article be at least 500 words in length. I suggest that you make sure that all of your articles are at least 550 words in length. This way you will certainly meet the requirements of just about all of the directories out there.

In conclusion, there is no guarantee that your article will be approved. But if you follow the simple guidelines as set forth by the article directories, you will greatly increase your chances of getting your article approved. I hope that you have found this article useful and informative and I wish you success in your article marketing endeavors.

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