Alternative Ways to Sell SMC Products!

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Just a few tips that might help if you are looking for some ... ways to sell SMC try ... # 1:Take some time and drop off your catelogs at some local car ... Take the calelogs to

Just a few tips that might help if you are looking for some alternative ways to sell SMC try these:

Tip # 1:

Take some time and drop off your catelogs at some local car dealerships. Take the calelogs to the recptionist and tell them you don't want to do anything but drop off a catelog for the staff to look a special like 10% off if they order from your catelog. Note: try the Used Car Dealerships!! Salespeople don't have much time to go out and shop so your catelog may help them out.

Tip #2:

Take you stuff and rent a small booth at a local flea market. The key here is to get out of your comfort zone and stand in front of your booth and make more noise than the rest. Alot of full time flea market sellers are burned out and just sit back and wait for people to approach their booth,Guest Posting but if you are out in front of you booth telling people that you are there only for a limited time and must sell out your products, you would be suprised about how many people can be directed to your SMC stuff. This really works if you want it too, depending on how much you are motivated to do it. Just take a couple of weekends a month and try it out.

Tip #3:

Get in contact with a local Avon, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, or other at-home-business and have a cross-promotion party. My wife and her friends, I think about 17 of them, have weekend partys at a few homes where everyone promotes their home-business of choice. They help each other with advice, tips, and of course, buy things from each other. Note: your goal is not to let the "I gotta have that" bug bite you in the bank account. Remember to always say "Looks interesting, I'll think about it!" Also try and not be influenced by the at-home-business plans that they have available, although you may be frustrated from lack of sales, you already have invested in your future with SMC and joining another program may set you back even further in money, time, sales, and added frustration of starting a new business.

Anyone can sell SMC if you can stay motivated. My parents have sold SMC in one-way-or-the-other for the last 25 years. It can be done by you if you stay focused.

Yesterday, I read in a ebook called "Motivated For Success" by Partic Chan, that when someone is frustrated, usually, that someone is close to a breakthrough...which direction that breakthrough goes is up to you...either quit or keep going. If you keep going, somehow, it will break through for for the better, just have patience in that you are working for your goals.

A silly song I use to keep motivated is always brought up by my son, he is 6; he sings to me a song by the children's TV show 'Blue's Clues!'

"Don't Give Up, Just Go On...

You can be anything that you want to be...

You can do anything that you to do..."

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