Are You Realistic or Unrealistic?

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Are you ... or ... about ... on the ... When you purchase ... are you ... in your ... recently wrote an article entitled "The Age of Now". My purp

Are you realisitc or unrealistic about advertising on the Internet? When you
purchase advertising,Guest Posting are you realistic in your expectations?

I recently wrote an article entitled "The Age of Now". My purpose was to
point out that everyone seems to expect everything NOW. This seems to hold
true in advertising also.

For example, I specialize in sending targeted traffic to websites. Customers
will come in and order 1,000 visitors. If they don't get any sales, their
first reaction is, "Well, this doesn't work. I won't do that again." How
realistic is this thinking? Not realistic at all! Why? First of all, 1,000
visitors, 5,000 visitors, 10,000 visitors are all "drops in a bucket" when it
comes to the millions of people that are currently online. The more visitors
you get, the more people you are reaching. When you order 1,000 visitors, you
are assuming that those 1,000 people think the way everybody else online
thinks. You are assuming that if they aren't interested, neither will the
next 1,000 or 5,000 or 10,000 be interested. That's the same principle as
putting one ad in a newspaper and stopping after that.

What will happen if you give up advertising? Your business will go away! If
you advertise in an online ezine and get no responses, do you stop
advertising? Do you never again advertise in that ezine? Ezines are adding
new subscribers all the time. How do you know that there won't be someone who
is interested that you didn't reach the first time? Also, how do you know
that maybe you don't need to change your ad?

The main point is, don't give up on your advertising. Advertise anywhere and
everywhere you can find. Keep advertising. Try your sources more than once.
The more you get your offer out, the better your business will do. It's all
about numbers. Advertising is all about numbers. Success is all about
numbers. If you believe in your business, do EVERYTHING you can to get the
word out!

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