Best PR strategies to survive and thrive in the - New Normal

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The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a drastic change in consumer behaviour. As a result, the earlier ways of marketing and of doing PR have been rendered obsolete. There is an urgent need for the business organization to realign their PR goals according to the changed scenario if they are looking.

Bill Gates once said that if he was down to his last dollar,Guest Posting he would spend it all on PR. That statement alone from a business tycoon like Bill Gates explains how important PR is for the success of a business. While PR strategies have always been vital for catapulting businesses towards success, they have become more important than ever in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, regardless of whether the PR Agency that you've been working with has brought you success in the past or not, the traditional strategies would not work in these current turbulent times. Flexibility and adaptability are the needs of the hour, and without them, it would be difficult for any business to survive.

Let us, therefore, take a look at some of the PR strategies that can help you survive and thrive and during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Focus on value addition

People tend to remember those who helped them during tough times. Regardless of your business domain, you need to orient your PR strategies in such a way that you offer value to your customers through your products and services. Given that the time is tough, but you can't be the centre of your focus. If you're looking at long-term success, you have to focus on the customer's needs and devise solutions accordingly.

However, do not try to pretend to be an expert at something that you do not know of. People are quite adept at identifying organizations that are just trying to make the most of this situation by pretending to know something they don't. To make a difference, you really should know what you're talking about. Once you have that sorted, you can ask your PR Agency to draft a message accordingly and disseminate it to your audience.

Given the uncertainty of current times, different media houses and journalists are actively looking out for thought leaders in different industry domains. If you have the knowledge that may benefit other people, now is the time to step up!

Leverage technology to find out what is and isn't working

Many PR agencies say that they're the best in the business and that they have what it takes to take an organization to the top. The reality, however, can be very different. So far though, there has been no objective way of calculating PR success and this has allowed less than competent organizations to claim that they're big shots. However, with the emergence of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), PR work will become quantifiable and the PR agencies will have to back up their claims with that data.

Understanding the audience

According to an online survey, 70% of the consumers are more likely to buy a product if it was endorsed by an influencer than if they saw an advertisement about it. The logic is quite simple. An influencer is a person that people trust and therefore, they're more likely to take their word for it when they say that a product or service, or brand is good.

While the press releases and white papers will stay relevant, they have taken a backseat during the current times. Instead, what people are looking for, is narrative.

People want to hear real-life stories from people instead of reading random quotes and data that is dispersed across a plethora of sites on the internet. With so much misinformation available online, people are becoming quite choosy regarding who they trust. A smart PR agency will help you tap into this rather unexplored area and help you get closer to your audience.


SEO is as important now as it ever was. Since most of the businesses have either migrated to the online platform or are in the process of transitioning, it is quite evident that online commerce would see a major boom in the times to come. Therefore, by leveraging SEO techniques, you can build a strong online presence and get a higher quantity of traffic on your website - which would eventually transform into sales.

The current situation demands change and by following these simple, yet effective PR strategies you can help your business survive and thrive.

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