"HUGE FREE Exposure With A Press Release! - Part 2"

Nov 21




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Here is the basic format for a Press Release: (You can also receive it via email ... )Subject of email should read: Press Release - [ Then Type Your Subject In Severa


Here is the basic format for a Press Release: (You can also receive it via email at:mailto:pr_sample@emailexchange.org )Subject of email should read: Press Release - [ Then Type Your Subject In Several Words or a Short Sentence ] [ For the BODY of your email message,"HUGE FREE Exposure With A Press Release! - Part 2" Articles write: ] FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Your Name Company Name Street Address City or Town, State, Zip USA or Your Country Phone: Fax: Email: URL: Short one sentence headline. This can be the same as your Email Subject Header. The "KEY" is to make it a good one.The "Subject" of your email message will either get yourMessage read eventually or deleted immediately.Maximum of three paragraphs. Cover the standard Who, What, Where, When, Why and Howthat media people deal with all the time.<---------End Press Release Text-----àWhy bother with a Press Release? If you have a good story, you can benefit from HUGEFREE exposure to a real world audience of millions, perhaps even tens of millions of people online and off. A Press Releases must be sent to a media contact. Pick and choose who you send a release to according to what info it is that you are trying to publicize. For example, you do not want to send a release about a new AUTO PARTS to the editor of a SEWING magazine. These media people can reach millions of people with just one Press Release. That is why it is so important to tap this FREE resource for publicity and exposure. So, how do you tap into the email addresses of all these media pros? Visit the web sites of the top media outlets. Here you are going to need to do a little leg work. Or, rather, "let your fingers…" :-) First, visit : Internet News Bureau - Partial Distribution List http://www.newsbureau.com/medialist/ This web site lists the names of 100's of media contacts that accept Press Releases via email. Unfortunately, they do not provide you with contact information as they sell that as part of their business. But you can still make use of the list, because it is a list of media contacts that do business on and via the Internet. How do you get their contact info? Easy. First of all, make a short list of those media contacts that you think would be most interested in your Press Release. Keep in mind that MORE is not necessarily good in thiscase as your Press Release will be of interest to a narrowfocus group of people.However, even a SHORT list of, say 2 dozen, Media ContactsCould exposure your message to 10's of MILLIONS, FREE!So, make use of your favorite Search Engine and find their web sites and also where to send your email Press Release. Once your list is complete, send out your Press Release on an individual basis, NOT bulk email or Bcc as this would make it too impersonal for the media contact. You want their email address and name to show up on the headers of the email you send them so they feel it is a single mailing just to them. They all know you are sending it out to many others but it gives a great illusion of being exclusive. Want to tap into the big media outlets? Visit the web sites of ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, etc. and you will find not only the email address of the main offices but also many contact email addresses of the affilliates. ABC http://www.abc.com NBC http://www.nbc.com CBS http://www.cbs.com CNN http://www.cnn.com Here is another FREE Resource that DOES supplyyou not only with the physical address of the MediaContact, but also with email address contacts whenthey are available:FAIR's Media Contact List http://www.fair.org/media-contact-list.htmlThere are also services available that will sell you a list of email addresses. I personally have never used one of these services so I suggest you investigate before you purchase. Gebbie Press:http://www.gebbiepress.com/There are also Press Release Services that send outyour Press Release - for you - to their established list of Media Contacts : For a Fee Press Release Service And, finally, here is the URL of a web site that has a list of things that annoy those that receive press releases for a living. It makes several good points: Pet Peeves of the Press http://www.automatedpr.com/pet_peeve.htm If you do it all yourself, you will quickly find out that the time and effort you invest will be GREATLY rewarded.

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