Internet Advertising Standards Make Online Advertising One Step Easier To Achieve

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Creating a standard size for online advertising has created a simpler job for many businesses and companies. Following standard advertising sizes, from this guide, will allow for a brand to be recreated over several advertisements.

DENVER --- Internet marketing first began in 1994 with the appearance of the inaugural banner ad on Unleaded Software in Denver,Guest Posting Colorado has been recognized worldwide for its internet advertising seen on Web sites and even online newsletters like Corporate Apparel Magazine – The Voice for the Trade. Launched in January 2009, the twice-a month e-newsletter is sent directly to the mailboxes of 60,000 promotional products industry players – qualified resellers who design decorated apparel programs for their corporate clients. Jeff Rundles, Publisher of the online newsletter directed to 60,000 readers in the logoed apparel industry, sees internet advertising as the newest low-cost form of advertising—one that he believes will replace some forms of print advertising as businesses build a more recession-proof model. “Online advertising in a newsletter like Corporate Apparel Magazine cuts through the clutter of large print magazines, delivers pinpoint messages hot-linked to advertiser Web sites for immediate commerce, and drastically lower the cost-per-thousand (CPM) of traditional advertising,” Rundles said. “Moreover, busy sales executives now turn to the Web and e-newsletters more often for the critical trade information that drives their business.”Standardizing internet marketing came next with the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) setting guidelines on advertising sizes with the goal of making promotions opportunities on the internet easier to understand, particularly for newbie Web advertisers.  Basically, the theory of the larger the ad, the more attention it receives—the same notion as print advertising—is in force on the internet.Size does matter even in cyberspace. It has been proven to directly relate to the number of click-throughs generated—details that will affect your internet marketing strategy. Pop-up ads literally jump out at the visitor to get his or her attention.  They are often flash ads that Web surfers can’t help but notice. This attention-getting device drives clicks. Pop-Under ads (the same size as pop-ups) work the same way, except they pop up underneath the page the visitor is currently viewing so the ad is not seen until the window is closed.Accepted standards for rectangular and pop-up and pop-under ads are based on pixels:Medium Rectangle     300 x 250Square Pop-Up         250 x 250Vertical Rectangle     240 x 400Large Rectangle        336 x 280Rectangle         180 x 1503:1 Rectangle        300 x 100Pop-Under        720 x 300Just like a print banner ad, internet banner advertisements are prominently displayed, but the advantage in a Web banner is that the consumer can click on it to go to the next level of information about the product or service being marketed. Banner ads are rectangular and horizontal, wide enough to display across the Web page. Animation or flash on a banner ad commands even more attention from the Web site visitor.Banner and button ad size suggested by IAB:Full Banner         468 x 60Half Banner        34 x 60Micro Bar         88 x 31Button    1        120 x 90Button 2           120 x 60Vertical Banner     120 x 240Square Button        125 x 123Leaderboard        728 x 90Skyscraper ads are vertical. More discrete than banner ads, they are popular because the Web site visitor isn’t disrupted from their focus on the site they want to view. Instead, the skyscraper ad offers site visitors another column of information—even if it is advertising—for the visitor to see and read.Skyscraper ads are especially effective on sites containing hard news that guests are visiting with a specific purpose in mind.Skyscraper ad sizes suggested by IAB:Wide Skyscraper        160 x 600Skyscraper        120 x 600Half page Skyscraper    300 x 600Don’t miss out on the opportunity to market your product or service on the internet. Contact Unleaded Software ( for information on internet advertising today.

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