Midas Pro1 TP

Jul 22


Mahafujur Rahman

Mahafujur Rahman

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The Midas Pro1 TPLive Audio CCompact Professional Digital Mixer Tour Packuses XL8 technology for great sample-synchronized audio performance.


The Midas Pro1 TP Live Audio CCompact Professional Digital Mixer Tour Packuses XL8 technology for great sample-synchronized audio performance.  With the backing of professional service and technology builds,Midas Pro1 TP Articles this unit really delivers.  With its lightweight aluminum construction, you can take it just about anywhere easily, and set it up with no hassle in a hurry.  The easy user interface means without much experience, you can configure and operate it in no time, just like the pros.

This unit uses the AES50 standard with feed-forward error correction. This feature provides protection against lost data packets and synchronization issues.Your data will be much more secure when compared with other Ethernet cable based systems. You’ll get 104 simultaneous input processing channels and up to 35 discrete mixes in monitor mode.  Each channel has and EQ and a choice of processing options. Four types of compression are available on inputs and five on outputs. FX options, configurations, settings and patching can change with each scene recall, giving you complete control and endless combinations for a great end result.

This great little unit delivers sound quality in the Midas tradition. It’s part of the only live system in the world to have an automatic latency management system, delivering absolute phrase coherency at all outputs.  With great converters and a custom processing system, Midas delivers superior sound. Channel settings can be edited from the SHOW EDITOR screen, and scenes can be re-ordered, inserted or deleted, easily without overwriting their designation. Scenes can be recalled quickly, without losing audio, or needing to use crossfade options, including programmable surround-sound panning.

There’s no more paging or layering, instead the user creates groups musically related channels, to mix the show. This process is much simpler than t locating target channels which have no logical delineation and often start and end unpredictably.  The Pro1 has  VCA (Variable Control Associations) and Population groups.  When you select VCA or POP group will bring all of the members of that group to the designated area on the control surface, showing the  VCA area. If the group has more members than the 8 physical input channels they can be displayed by scrolling the input faders or by pressing the EXTEND button. An operator used to “layers” of faders can program the Population groups in the same fashion, so you can easily navigate among 3 layers of 16 input faders to access the PRO1’s 48 input channels.

Midas PRO1 Live Audio Compact Professional Digital Mixer Tour Pack has a great high resolution screen so it’s easily visible in virtually all light conditions.  The controls are configured in way that is intuitive, following  signal-path sequence and are easily identified by any user. Both analogue users and digital adopters will find no difficulty using the large multi-color LCD channel select buttons to navigate around the console.  The global tap tempo button makes on-the-fly effects changes a breeze. You can’t afford not to add this to your professional arsenal.