Steps to Prepare Drafts in Online Flyer Printing

Jun 24


Kaye Z. Marks

Kaye Z. Marks

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What are the steps you need to prepare drafts for online flyer printing

In this tutorial article,Steps to Prepare Drafts in Online Flyer Printing Articles we will discuss flyer printing online. More particularly, we are going to go over the steps to prepare drafts for your online color flyers.

You need to be precise with your preparations since everything is set online. Once done, you cannot reverse the process when printed. Therefore, to be good with your drafts, here are the things you need to do.

1. Checking the text content – Make sure that before printing, the content itself is already A-Okay for full-scale mass production. You will not get a second chance of editing and reformatting once the process starts of course. Make sure you proofread thoroughly before the transaction is initiated. You might even want other people to check it just so that a fresh set of eyes can weed out the errors. Try to get your content as close to perfect as possible.

2. Checking the graphics – Next, you should check the graphics. For flyers, just like in many other prints, the graphics must always be in the highest resolution possible to make them look as crisp and clear as possible. You should check the resolution of your images as you insert them into your draft. Moreover, try to enhance and fine-tune your images always be adjusting their color and lighting values. Make sure that the cropping and alignment is done properly. You will not have any more chances of changing them once the mass production process starts.

3. Matching to the right template – Also, try to see if you used the right flyer printing template on your prints. It is best for your drafts to be based on templates since the process of online printing will be faster if you do so. There will be no conversions needed if you do this and of course, the aspect ratio of your design can be preserved. Always check and match your drafts with the right template.

4. Reviewing margins – Make sure that you review the margins as well. Margins determine the right balance of your designs within the context of the template. If it gets a bit off then the output will not look as refined and professional as it should be. So make sure to check all the margin settings, front and back for the best outputs printed online as possible.

5. Adjusting colors – Before going ahead with printing those online, you should also adjust its color settings properly. Online printing companies typically use the more modern four color printing process that gives more vivid and impressive outputs. Now, by default, most design software is on the three-color RGB mode. You will have to convert your drafts to CMYK 4 color mode to make sure that they look good and can pass easily.

6. Saving to the right file formats – Finally, you should of course save your drafts in the right file format. I would save the document typically in three distinct formats. Here are they are.

a. Native file format – Most importantly, you should save your file in the software’s native file format. This allows the online printer to be able to edit and adjust the document when needed once they receive it. Moreover, printing flyers from this format represents the highest quality printing that you can do for that document.

b. Image file format – The image file format such as JPG and PNG is a good backup for a flyer design. While this is not as detailed as the native file format, this is what most online printers use. Make sure that you save those images to 300 dpi or higher though.

c. Compressed file format – As a final backup, you should have a document file in a compressed zip format. Zipped files typically have less chances of being corrupted as they are sent through emails.

These are the steps to prepare your flyer drafts for printing online. Follow all these steps so that your outputs could turn out great.