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What is VoIP? VoIP is an acronym for voice over internet ... A VoIP, in essence, is a computer phone that allows you to make phone calls from your computer to anyone in the world, e.g., PC to P

What is VoIP?
VoIP is an acronym for voice over internet protocol. A VoIP,Guest Posting in essence, is a computer phone that allows you to make phone calls from your computer to anyone in the world, e.g., PC to PC, PC to landlines, or PC to cell phones. The voice signal converts to data packets and travels across the internet through a VoIP platform, and then converts back to voice at the receiving end of the communication exchange. There is no delay in conversations / communications with 3WTel VoIP. Leading telecom experts are projecting that 75% of the world’s communications will be done on VoIP within the next several years.

What Kind of Equipment do I need?
you will need a computer with internet access and an inexpensive microphone if your computer does not have one built in. Although most VoIP providers require high speed internet connections, 3WTel offers VoIP on dial-up, DSL, and broadband connections.

How Can I Place Calls or Receive Calls?

basically, the same way you would a regular phone, except on your PC. When you download a VoIP line on your computer, a phone usually appears on your screen. The computer phone acts like any other phone in that you can dial numbers on it from a pad, or click on a contact’s pre-programmed name, and press the call button. You will then hear the phone ringing to the party you have called and can talk to them when they accept the call, or leave a voicemail if they are not available.
When receiving a call, the phone will ring on your computer and you can click to accept the call and talk, or let it ring (based on the number of rings you have set up) and forward the caller to your voicemail.
What Kind of Features Does VoIP Have?
Typically a VoIP has voicemail with audio capabilities, three-way calling, text messaging, and contacts list. Some VoIP’s even have webcam capabilities. In addition, there is usually a button to click that can indicate to others when you are available, unavailable, away, or off line. (3WTel has all these features and many more, including real time call duration, missed call indicator, network quality meter, call waiting, do not disturb, hold, mute, etc.)

Who Can I Call?
Most reputable VoIP solutions providers limit PC to PC calls among their own subscribers for privacy purposes and so that the quality of sound is not compromised. (3WTel’s patented technology is available only between their own subscribers for both privacy purposes and their uncompromised quality of sound.)
Some VoIP providers require limiting PC to landlines or cell phones to their own subscribers. (3WTel does not limit PC to landlines or cell phones to their own subscribers.)
Advantages of VoIP
With VoIP, you have unlimited talk time to anyone in the world from PC to PC for a flat monthly rate ($5/month with 3WTel)
•Most VoIP’s offer drastically reduced costs for calling PC to landlines (3.9¢ per minute in 200 countries with 3WTel)
•Most VoIP’s offer reduced costs for calling PC to cell phones, however, prices vary depending on the cell phone carrier. (3WTel offers drastically reduced costs for calls from PC to cell phones and will let you know the cost before you place the call.)
Savings of up to 80% off current phone bills. (This is a given with 3WTel.)

What are the Costs for VoIP's?

Typically there is an enrollment fee which varies between $20.00 to hundreds of dollars (3WTel is $19.95)
Monthly fees, after enrollment, varies between $5.00 per month to $75.00 per month (3WTel is $5.00 per month)
If you do not have a microphone on your computer, you would have to purchase one. Cost is between $5.00 to $40.00.

Things to Watch Out for with VoIP Solution Providers
Hidden costs (there are none with 3WTel)

•Unsecure lines - meaning anyone can listen to your conversation because of shared servers or open platforms (3WTel has only secure lines that are on their own server, their own platform, encrypted, and their technology is patented)
•Inability to be used with dial-up connections (3WTel VoIP can be used with dial-up connections)
Public listing of your name and/or phone number (3WTel subscriber names and numbers are confidential and not posted publicly)

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