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To use bulk Whatsapp marketing tool you need Whatsapp marketing software to send Whatsapp Massage to customers. 

Marketing and Advertising require Bulk marketing tools to reach their customers for the high possibility of service purchased or sell. There is a large number of marketing tools in the market such as Bulk email marketing,Guest Posting Bulk SMS marketing, but one of the popular and upcoming marketing tools is Bulk Whatsapp marketing tool in Mumbai as well as all over India. Bulk Whatsapp Marketing is software used to send bulk Whatsapp messages to genuine clients to generate a high amount of product or service sell.

Mumbai is an economic capital of India. Marketing tools play an important role in business growth in Mumbai. Mumbai has a top marketing and advertising agency in Mumbai. Many marketing agencies provide services like Bulk Email marketing, Bulk SMS marketing, Bulk Whatsapp marketing to reach their customers on a daily basis. Know a day’s Bulk Whatsapp Marketing is a leading marketing tool to attract customers to buy company products.

To use bulk Whatsapp marketing tool you need Whatsapp marketing software to send Whatsapp Massage to customers. Whatsapp marketing software consists of spam Detector, Report generation, and one-click Whatsapp message sent to a large number of customers. Whatsapp Marketing software price range on the number of years you are wishing to buy and the number of the message you are wishing to send via this Marketing tool.

Whatsapp marketing software important feature:-

  • Rich content to attract customer

Whatsapp Marketing provides a rich messaging text. Such as Images, Videos, GIF files, etc.

  • High customer reach

Whatsapp is used by more than 80% of the mobile user in the USA, Canada, UK and more than 25% mobile user in India

  • Low price to reach customer

Compare to other many marketing tools Whatsapp Marketing is very low in cost per lead generation

  • Direct communication with the customer

Whatsapp marketing provides direct advertising on customer's mobile phone. That means direct communication between service providers to the customer.

  • High return on investment (ROI)

Whatsapp marketing provides a high return on investment compared to other marketing tools.

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