Complete information about updating WhatsApp profile

Jan 26




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In this tutorial, we will give you complete information about WhatsApp Profile Settings in Hindi. You will know how to change whatsapp dp - how to change whatsapp dp? WhatsApp Profile Name, How to Change Bio etc. How to enable dark mode on whatsapp


Complete information about updating WhatsApp profile

In this tutorial,Complete information about updating WhatsApp profile Articles we will give you complete information about WhatsApp Profile Settings in Hindi. You will know how to change WhatsApp DP - how to change WhatsApp DP? WhatsApp Profile Name, How to Change Bio etc.

What is WhatsApp Profile - What is WhatsApp Profile in Hindi?
Before updating WhatsApp Profile, know what are these WhatsApp Profiles? And why should we update the profile?

There is a small introduction about the WhatsApp Profile User. In which the photo, name, information about that user and his mobile number are included. Mobile numbers are often changed less. But other information of the profile is updated from time to time.

Whatsapp profile photo is also called whatsapp dp and how do you change whatsapp dp? We are going to take its information forward. This profile photo is visible to other WhatsApp users.

Profile Name is for those users whose phone number is not saved in your phonebook. If someone has your WhatsApp Number saved by any other name, then he sees the same name.

The third information called About is the bio of the user. In which a person tells some information about himself. Some Ready Made Text is also suggested in WhatsApp, which can also be used by the user.

how to change font style in WhatsApp

Now you know about WhatsApp Profile. Now let's also know how to update WhatsApp Profile. Here we are telling different things about updating WhatsApp DP, Profile Name, About these three information.

How to change whatsapp dp or profile photo - how to change whatsapp dp?
Step: # 1

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Launch your WhatsApp. To launch it, just lightly tap on its icon.

Tap on WhatsApp Icon to Launch

Step: # 2

Now WhatsApp CHAT Tab will be open in front of you, from here you tap on Menu î and tap on Settings.

WhatsApp Menu Settings

Step: # 3

Now WhatsApp Settings will open in front of you. From here you tap on WhatsApp Profile.

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Picture Showing WhatsApp Profile

Step: # 4

After doing this, you will have WhatsApp Profile open. You can update your profile from here. Now tap on Camera Icon to change WhatsApp DP.

Tap on Camera Icon to Change WhatsApp DP

Step: # 5

Now you will reach the gallery. From here you can select the photo of your choice for profile. And you can make it WhatsApp DP.

How to Change WhatsApp Profile Name?
After changing the profile photo, it comes to the profile name. Just as the photos are changed, we can also change the name. To change the name, repeat the first three steps mentioned above and tap on the pencil.

Tap on Pencil Icon to Change Profile Name

After doing this, the Profile Name Page Open will be in front of you. In which the old name will be automatically selected. You delete it and write it a new name instead and make it OK. Profile name will be changed.

whatsapp new update

Type WhatsApp Profile Name and OK

How to change WhatsApp Profile About Text?
To change your About, repeat the first three steps and go to the already written About Text and tap on the pencil to edit it.

Tap on pencil to edit about text of WhatApp Profile

Now you have two options. Either you edit already written and write it of your choice and save it. Or you can also use some About Text suggested by WhatsApp.

what have you learned?
In this tutorial, we have given you complete information about WhatsApp Profile Settings. You know what a WhatsApp profile is? And how to update WhatsApp Profile Info? We hope that this tutorial will prove useful for you.

How to update WhatsApp profile? - Quick Guide
Launch WhatsApp.
Tap on the menu button
From here, tap on Settings.
Now tap on Profile.
And save your information by updating it.