What is GB WhatsApp?

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Here we discussed GB Whatsapp, which is one of the moded versions of Original Whatsapp , So if you like to know about GB WhatsApp , then must read this article.

Are you thinking of downloading GB WhatsApp on your phone,Guest Posting then just wait and after reading this article, go and think of downloading it, because it is an illegal app, then using it can cause many damages to you.

Well, friends, in this article we are going to share complete information about GB WhatsApp, so friends, if you want to download GB WhatsApp, or already, then definitely read this article, and then think that GB WhatsApp download Doing right or wrong.

 Here we have given detailed information about what is GB WhatsApp, the advantages of GB WhatsApp, the disadvantages of GB WhatsApp, etc., so stay tuned till the end of this article.

So friends, let's know how GB WhatsApp works, and how it can bring advantages or disadvantages to you.


What is GB WhatsApp?

Friends, let us tell you that there is very little separation between GB WhatsApp and Original WhatsApp, due to which people consider GB WhatsApp as an updated version of Original WhatsApp, but in reality, it is not true, it is a clone version of GB WhatsApp.


So stop thinking that this is an updated version of WhatsApp, this app is also known as the omods app. Let us tell you that all the features that are there in the original WhatsApp, all those features are also in this GB WhatsApp, as well as there are many other great features in GB WhatsApp as compared to the original app, due to which people get more tired of GB WhatsApp. .


GB WhatsApp has many great features as compared to the original WhatsApp, due to which people like it a lot and it is very comfortable to use as compared to the original WhatsApp.


Features of GB Whatsapp :

  • In the original WhatsApp, you can share 30 photos at a time, but in this, you can share 90 photos at a time.
  • You can protect it through the password.
  • You can upload videos up to 7 minutes in your status, but in original WhatsApp, you can only upload half-second videos.
  • It has tons of great customized emojis, which are not found in the original WhatsApp.
  • Through this, you can send audio files up to 100 MB and video files up to 50 MB.
  • You can use it along with the original WhatsApp.
  • It has many great designed themes, which you can use for free.


Is it Safe to use GB WhatsApp?

We have already discussed that this is a clone app, and it is a copy of WhatsApp. So you must have understood very well how dangerous it can prove to be to use it, this app can ruin your whole life too.


It is also not available on Google Play Store, because it has been banned by Original WhatsApp for copyright infringement, with Original WhatsApp has clearly forbidden to use it, as well as given a warning.


On using it, you may have to face many problems, such as your original WhatsApp account can be banned, your personal data can be stolen by anyone and used in the wrong ways and your phone can also be hacked. Huh.


So, friends, we hope that you must have known better, after all, what harm you may have to face if you use car GB WhatsApp, so friends, it can be better for you to stay away from it.

What is the difference Between Original Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp?

Friends, we have already said that GB WhatsApp and Original WhatsApp are similar in appearance, all the features that are there in the original are in GB WhatsApp.


There are many such features in GB WhatsApp, they are not all in the original WhatsApp, such as sending 90 photos at a time, sending more MB videos and audios at a time, setting passwords, etc.


By the way, GB WhatsApp is also stronger than the original WhatsApp, but there is less of cheese, it does not have any security feature, so anyone can easily steal your personal data.


Being a mod app, it has not been uploaded to any app play store, so if you want to download it, you will have to download it from a third-party app.


This is a completely unsafe app, so it can prove to be very dangerous for you to use it, so use original WhatsApp instead of GB WhatsApp.


Advantages of GB Whatsapp :

  • If we talk about the advantages of GB WhatsApp, then there are many great features in it that are not in the original WhatsApp, which you can take advantage of.
  • GB Whatsapp is quite advanced as compared to the original Whatsapp.
  • GB WhatsApp is very easy to use.
  • In this, you can share 90 images at a time.
  • GB WhatsApp can share files of larger size than the original WhatsApp.
  • GB WhatsApp has a lot of such features, which make it tremendous compared to the original WhatsApp.


Disadvantages of GB Whatsapp :

  • GB WhatsApp does not have many security features, so it is not completely secure.
  • If you are using it along with the original app, then your original WhatsApp account is likely to be banned.
  • Anyone can steal your personal data without your permission.
  • Even if you want to download it, you will have to download it from a third-party website.
  • So friends, if you do not have to face any kind of hassle, then stay away from this app.

Conclusion :

We are sure that you must have liked this article a lot, and through this article, you will also be sure that how secure is GB WhatsApp, as well as we have discussed a lot about GB WhatsApp here, so we hope you will also You must have known well, yet if you want to know more about GB WhatsApp, then definitely tell us through the comment.

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