5 Different Types of Promise Rings with Names and Meanings

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Promise rings aren't something new or haven't emerged recently. The evidence of Roman brides wearing an engagement ring can be seen in the early 2nd Century BC. 


A Promise Rings shows a sign of commitment and a symbol of love for a lifetime.  Promise Rings shows true love and affection for each other.  You can gift promise rings to your partner,Guest Posting These Promise Rings shows your devotion towards them. Some of the Promise rings Signifies the Future Engagement of the Couples. In This article, we will share about 5 Different Types of Promise Rings with Names and Meanings.

Types of Promise Rings for Her and Him

Here, we are sharing some Promise Rings for Couples UK Ideas that you can choose for your soul mate.

  1. Matching Couple Promise Ring

Matching Couple Promise Rings can be the best perfect rings to buy for him/ her.  You can prefer marching rings to show your commitment towards your partner.

  1. Name Carved Promise Rings

After Matching Couple Promise Rings, you can go with Name Carved Promise Rings, These Types of Rings are Generally Band Shaped Rings and have enough space to write names of couples. It will give the best and true feeling of your commitment to your partner.

  1. Fingerprint Promise Rings 

You can also promise your partner lifetime dedication from these types of Fingerprint Promise Rings. These Types of Fingerprints Rings are one of the beautiful ways to show your love, care and commitment in your relationship.

  1. Matching Hearts Promise Rings

Mostly Couples like Heart Shapes Rings, so you can go with Matching Hearts Promise Rings for an all-time favourite.  Matching Hearts Promise Ring is the symbol of the heart to devote your love and faith to your partner.

  1. Interlocking Promise Rings

Interlocking Promise Rings are the beautiful Design and it completes a whole Denoting togetherness. Interlock is again the sign of getting engaged to each other and planning on taking this relationship further. 

 We have shared the details about the type of Promise Rings With you. If you like this post, Then you can share it with your Friends. 

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