What You should Know before buying Vintage Rings

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Vintage is a symbol of timeless design with a well-written story, which stands out from the mass-produced engagement rings.

Unlike modern Engagement Rings,Guest Posting vintage rings have kingly characteristics, often handmade by a skilled craftsman rather than using a machine. 

What you get is a high level of quality and one-of-a-kind crafted rings for your special occasion. 

When you look for a vintage engagement ring type, you might come across a few terms which you should already know.

Type of Vintage Engagement Rings
  • Milgrain, which means beading on the edges of jewelry metal.
  • Solitaire where the engagement ring constitutes a diamond in the centre.
  • Pave' where small diamonds are set closely.
  • Halo constitutes small stones that are surrounded by around main stone.
  • Filigree Ring is a composite of delicate and fine wire intricacies.
  • Old European Cut Diamond where a diamond is less bright and finished cut in a small table and high crown.
  • Old Mine Cut was most common in the 19th century with a large cutlet and small table compared to modern brilliants. 
  • Brilliant where any gemstone is cut in the shape of a cone containing numerous facets to maximize the light return.
  • Estate is referred to as the jewellery owned by the estate and later sold as an antique.
Other Things to Keep In Mind Before Buying Your Engagement Ring 

Craftsmanship - The most important aspect before you pick any ring for engagement. You can customize your own ring if budget isn't a problem for you. But ensure the mimicked vintage design must be of high quality and character of that of an older style. 

Settings - Are you looking for a diamond ring within your budget, considering an antique is the best choice. From the 1930s or 40s, diamond rings were carved and set elaborate, which was a trick used to make the diamond look large.

Unusual Center Stones - Diamonds being the most popular among all kinds of gemstones have always held the attention of many. But in earlier days, colourful and delicate stones such as the emerald, pearl, and opal were also adored. 

Stone Quality - Whether a pointer or a solitaire, a quality check is important to avoid any cracks or damage prior to buying your vintage-style diamond ring. Earlier diamonds were not as white as today's, people opted for slightly rose, green, or yellow diamonds which made it extremely difficult to check the internal flaws easily.

Ancient Years With Different Styles  Art Deco (1915-1935)

This era's styles emphasized bolder, geometric shapes with white gold and platinum most popular metal. Sapphires, rubies, emeralds, red coral, and black onyx were used more.

Retro (1935 - 1950)

Large stones with three-dimensional designs such as ribbons, bows, and flowers with preferable gold & platinum metals. Bright colours such as polished yellow rose and green gold semi-precious gemstones were used.

Modern (1950 +)

Designs inspired by light and texture engraved in braid rope accents were most popular that were carved on platinum. Abundant of gemstones but more and more focus on diamonds is still favoured.


With a variety of Vintage Engagement Rings available, which is your choice of an antique engagement ring?


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