8 things you should never say during a job interview

Jul 20




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Asking questions in an interview is a good thing as it shows your interest in the company like Assignment Help Company, but one should know what sorts of question are appropriate to ask from the company, many times interviewer asks that question which makes company reject them.

  1. Ask about the company

Never go to the interview without researching about the company and even if you do not know about the company,8 things you should never say during a job interview Articles never ask the interviewer about what company does and what you will do in the position you are being interviewed. Asking them will create a negative image about you so you should do a research about the company and tell how you will help them in achieving those goals.



  1. Criticize previous company

It is never a good idea to complain about your ex-employer because when you complain it creates a negative image about you and companies do not hire these types of employees, you should rather talk about the things that you learned in the previous work and tell them how those things will benefit them.



  1. Complementing on interviewer

Complementing the interviewer on their looks is always considered as unsuitable so you should avoid yourself from saying those things but if you want to compliment then compliment on company’s achievement or interviewer’s achievement.



  1. Telling them that you want to start a business

If you have a plan to start your own business in the future so do not share it with the person taking your interview because companies are looking for employees who will work there for a long time and by sharing your plans with them, you will be reducing your chances of getting that job. By sharing your plan with the interviewer you might create a perception that you only want this job for generating the revenue for starting your own business.



  1. Telling them about personal issues

It is never a good idea to share your personal issues in an interview because they do not want to know about your personal issues, they just want to know about what you can offer them. By sharing your personal issues, you are telling them that how personal life affects your work performance and employers are not looking for employees whose work performance gets easily affected by the personal issues.



  1. I don’t know

When an interviewer asks you a question for which you do not have the answer then it is wise to try to think about the answer rather than saying I do not know. Even if still you can find the answer then the best way is to repeat the question or praise the question and give the general answer. 



  1. Showing desperation for a job

Employers are looking for workers who know what they are looking for and who they want to be. By showing that you are willing to do any kind of job, you are showing that you have no interest in the job and just interest in making money and you show that you are not the type of worker they are looking for.  



  1. Asking about the benefits companies provide

When you are giving job interview, never ask them about the salaries company gives, the number of leaves a company provides in a year or about the other benefits because these things are asked when you are hired for a job and by asking these types of question in job interviewer gets bad impression about you.




Although there are many questions that should be avoided by the interviewee, by avoiding eight main questions mentioned you will improve your chances of being hired for the company.