Job Search in the Past vs. Present

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Job Hunting

Seeking employment is one of those biggest tasks which an individual does for himself for the betterment of his own career. Nowadays,Guest Posting we all have witnessed that institutes are producing skilled and talented graduates but with no promising jobs. First, they used to run after teachers for their course results and now they run after employers for jobs. It’s not really easy to get hired for a good employment as the competition is increased due to the high demand of skilful people.   

A few years ago, people used to get hired on the basis of their talent. Their previous work experience was never a matter while education was least considered. Everything was taught during job training with full guidance. Women, at that time, were not career-oriented while the majority of men used to get hired for government jobs and were given high benefits. Due to this, people used to serve in the same organization for several years that their work experience, compared to today’s professionals, is more than 30 years. Another reason for long time service of an employee is that there were very limited job positions in every organization and switching careers was not easy and frequent.

Technology and Career

In this era, job hunting is easier due to technological advancements. Some people have registered themselves to online job portals while some people use different media such as social and print media. People in past were highly dependent on print media as organizations used to give advertisements of vacant positions in the newspaper. However, social media has brought a drastic change in our lives. It has made effortless to search and applies for any positions for job seekers. Moreover, not only job seekers can avail the services of social media, in fact, employers too can explore for potential yet skilful employees for their organization. Hence, these advancements have removed barriers and made career opportunities limitless. People are not bounded to apply in a specific location. Instead, they can submit their employment applications across the globe.

Besides, if job seeking is not enough for a good career, one can dream of his own business by following the trends and tips available on social media. In past years, experienced people could hardly talk about their jobs as there was less to no options to seek for another job or get better advice from other professionals. Social media has changed this concept by enabling experienced workers to help other people by sharing their professional experiences as well as by giving expert advice. This has again removed communication barrier, making every other person feel free to post their career queries.   

Road to Successful Career

Apart from the technological advancements, presently we are coping with transportation facilities as well. In combination to both, workers can easily relocate for the purpose of their jobs. They are facilitated to attend business conferences and meetings which is another plus point for the career growth. Apart from trips, due to the increased number of online career opportunities, a job for riders are also in high demand. This position is recommendable to all those who are having a preferred vehicle and mostly part-timers are considered. It’s a better opportunity especially for students who can earn while learning.

Distinction between Today’s Job Exploration and Yesterday’s

A clear difference can be viewed in the exploration of today’s job search and yesterday’s. Few important differences are highlighted below:

  • Job seekers keep on facing difficulties in maintaining their resumes. It was never too difficult to create a professional resume but due to the varying demands of organizations, people seek different formats of resume to fulfil the expectations of a recruiter. Coming towards the advancements, LinkedIn and Google are taking over to reduce the old-fashioned resume method by helping employers to search for the talented person who can grab the vacant seat of a specific position.
  • Today, social networking plays a vital role in getting a good job. If you are good in socializing and have references in particular organization, then you will definitely get your place in that office, no matter how much skill you are. In past, knowledge and skill was the core identity of an employee.
  • Nowadays, organizations have progressed themselves to online systems. They now recommend people to send their cover letters or applications via e-mail instead of sending it through traditional posting method. It is therefore, advised to draft your cover letter using appropriate writing rules for least rejection possibilities.
  • In past few years, working efficiently was the key factor of a good employee. The organization used to seek for people who can give his complete time to his work in only office hours. Nowadays, it is required for an individual to work under pressure and can work even after office hours. This is not only creating a man complete workaholic but also wants him to alter his life according to the organization’s conditions. Due to this factor, people are now more engaged with their job as compared to their home life. Hence, job seekers are reluctant to apply for such job positions.
  • In recent years, the recruiter only wants what they wish to have. They don’t give value to what job seeker wants. But in past, job seeker’s wishes were more valued than a recruiter. This was again a point which is now no more considered while hiring a person to an organization.
To Sum Up

It was never too easy to switch your career before, as compared to now. Getting education from good institute not only improves your skill set but also gives you knowledge as well as groom and prepare yourself to enter into professional life. Seeking a job is not difficult in this era, as many opportunities are available to knock your door. It is in one’s interest to make sure which line should he choose to pursue his career. Moving towards the advancements in all fields, one should get the advantage of technology to broaden up their interest and seek employment where he best fits in.

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