Best Employee Advocacy Tools

Aug 16


Eyal Katz

Eyal Katz

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These are the 10 best employee advocacy tools according to user info


Did you know that 64% of companies credit employee advocacy with attracting and developing new business, Best Employee Advocacy Tools Articles while 45% attribute new revenue streams to advocacy? So it’s only natural that more and more companies are looking to leverage advocacy for higher social reach and authenticity. To help you pick the right employee advocacy tool, we have assembled a list of the Top 10 Employee Advocacy Tools.

But first, let’s define employee advocacy.

What is Employee Advocacy?

Employee advocacy is a social media marketing tactic that taps into the potential of employees’ social networks and authority.

By providing company content for the employees to share on social media, marketers are able to extend their social reach and amplify their message. Employee advocacy also has the power to turn employees into brand ambassadors, adding authenticity and attaching a face or better yet, faces, to the brand message.

Top 10 Tools

1. LinkedIn Elevate

2. Oktopost

3. Hootsuite Amplify

4. Bambu

5. Social Chorus

6. Dynamic Signal

7. Smarp

8. Sprinklr

9. Sociabble

10. Connecteam

Get Your Message Across New Social Audiences

We hope this list has made it easier for you to decide which advocacy tool is the best fit for your company. Now that you’re ready with the right platform, take a look at our guide for launching an employee advocacy program – and start extending your social reach.

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