What is Fine Contemporary photography | Gallery of Fine Contemporary Art?

Jul 7


Abhishek Shukla

Abhishek Shukla

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Contemporary Art is an emerging art style, which was born in the U.S. at the time when several prominent artists started creating work which took a strong stance against the highly commercialized modern art styles of the time. Such artists include Jasper Johns, Morris Louis, Frank Stella, David Aberg, Pollock, Mark Rothko and many others. Though these artists have broadly shared opinions on various topics, one of them who has consistently rejected the commercialization of art has been the so called "Formalists" or the "Minimalists". 


The mission of a fine arts gallery is to give its members an ever-changing array of new and interesting works of Gallery of Fine Contemporary Art,What is Fine Contemporary photography | Gallery of Fine Contemporary Art? Articles no matter how long the artist has had exposure to this new medium.

In this case, it's not enough to "just be an artist" - you have to know "how to make a living with art." This is true even for photographers who are just getting started with their careers. For example, one of my gallery clients is working with an incredible brand that has an extensive collection of memorabilia and collectibles.

This brand is so impressive that they commissioned photographer Don Davis to create a series of photos centered around collectible items from this brand. Here are some of my favorites from this project:

This one of my favorite photos by Don Davis, Don Davis Fine Art Pottery. This is from the album titled "On Location: Abstract Landscape Art," which was released in 2021.

Don Davis is one of the many contemporary artists, Palm Coast Artists who makes a point to shoot within his very own backyard in Florida. In many of his photos, there are actually reflections of on location - such as shots of his son playing in the pool, or his daughter riding her bicycle on the ocean - as well as shots of exotic locales like the Everglades.

For this photo, he used a combination of natural light with a powerful flash to take the image. Check out the colorful vines and birds as well as the perfectly placed seashells for a great example of contemporary art using nature as a theme in photography.

This is another gorgeous piece from Don Davis's" Fine Art Portrait Photography." It's entitled "Shattered Lid." It's a nighttime image of shattered glass from a recent car accident. As you can imagine, the result is amazing.

This is just one of many striking photographs that feature the work of Don Davis, who is truly a modern artist of unparalleled talent.

This is from the book entitled "Lisette Otero Photography Palm Coast," which was released in 2021. This is from Don Davis's" Gallery of Fine Contemporary photography." He captured this image while he was shooting photographs at night on his camera, near the shore of Palm Coast, Florida.

In the book, he shares some of the techniques he uses to create these striking images and even explains a bit about lighting and what he likes to accomplish with his pictures. He tells us about his desire to show the viewer things he is "blind to," and that his pictures have almost immediacy that many contemporary photographers may not necessarily agree with.

This is from a book entitled "Photography Workshop: A Guide for New Photographers," which was released in 2021 by S.C. Publishing & Publishers.

This book comes from Don Davis's own studio. His life-long friend, photographer, and friend of Don Davis's, Lisette Otero (Lisette Otero Lewis Photography), received their very first commission. It is a wonderful little book about working with both men, and it is very informative and interesting to read as well.

Another fine contemporary photography by Don Davis is entitled "Starry Night Sky," which was also published by S.C. Publishing & Publishers. This time, Don Davis was able to use the new digital photography equipment that was available at that time to take this picture.

This is from his book entitled "Starry Night Sky." The book features a variety of different shots from all over the world, and Don Davis has become one of today's most popular and talented modern artists.


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