Choosing Diamante Necklace based on Face Shape

Apr 1




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This is a article about how to choose diamante necklace based on face shape .


Some people will be shocked to learn that actually you can choose the necklace type based on your face shape. It is the same thing as when people choose clothes based on the body shape. The right type of jewelry for your face shape is what will make you start out in any event. Sometimes you might borrow jewelry from a friend,Choosing Diamante Necklace based on Face Shape Articles only to discover that it does not suit you at all. We have some necklaces that are standard, while others will only be suitable for people having a certain type of face shape. Here are the different types of face shapes and the diamante necklace they can have.

The oval face shape

This is considered as the almost perfect face shape. The reason is that is has almost the same measurements and uniformity making it to easily conform to any type of necklace. You can easily wear different types of earrings and diamante necklaces without raising any issued. The oval shaped face will work with different jewelry lengths, size and shapes.

The pear/triangular face shape

The pear shaped face will be easily compatible with a long diamante necklace. You can always add some pendants and different types of long necklaces to make the presentation even perfect. The different lengths of the necklace will drive attention from the strong-jawed face. It makes people forget about the jaws and focus on the beauty of the necklaces.

Heart shaped faces

Such a face will need what is the opposite of the pear shaped face. In this case, the use of the choker or short diamante necklace will go a long way to keep them looking nice. You can add some bulk to the one necklace around the neck. This will easily complement the face shape for it to look better. The same should be done for the earrings other fashion jewelry.

The Square Face Shape

Such people will have angular cheeks with a strong jaw line. For such people, you might want to play around with different types and lengths of diamante necklace. You can later on find the one that actually perfectly suits your case. Most stylists recommend that you get longer necklaces if you have a square face.

Rectangular Face shape

This face shape is almost the same as the square face shape only that the rectangular type has a smaller chin and narrower forehead. In such a case, a shorter diamante necklace will be prefect for any event. A long necklace will make it look bulk throughout the event.