Hard saddlebag or leather saddlebag, what’s your Harley Style?

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If you have an H-D touring model, you chose a motorcycle design that comes with hard saddlebag, but most Dyna, Sporster and Softail models can look good when dressed in leather.

Let us look at the main features of the two main types of bags for Harley Davidson motorcycles:

Hard saddle bags: main features.

Easy to install and to use,Guest Posting  can be made of plastic, metal, fiber and resin which is good because their angular shape protects the biker and the whole bike in case of crash. They are water-proof and have high capacity; you can store and remove your tools and clothes in orderly fashion. Usually hard bags are equipped with quick release brackets, quick clasps and locking system. Hard bags usually are more aerodynamic than leather ones, but sometimes the design is not very attractive… they kind of look like safe boxes! In conclusion, hard bags are a valid option with the plus of being – due to their production process – cheaper than leather bags of the same size.

Leather saddle bags: main features.

Leather bags better reflect the concept of customization because of the hand-crafting process and the high possibility of personalization.  They often are heavier than hard bags but, contrary to popular belief, leather saddlebags  are easy to install and to use due to the fact that the best brands provide quick release and quick buckles.  Usually leather bags are less aerodynamic than the hard ones, but some brands sell bags which have a specific shape to wrap around the shock absorber in order to remain completely adherent to the bike.

In conclusion, there are many different features between these bags: hard saddlebags are the best performing,  when leather saddlebags are the most fascinating and definitely express the personality of the biker who purchased them.

In my opinion an Harley-Davidson rider needs to give vent to the demon of customization who champs at bit inside him… and to do so he requires a leather personalized saddlebag!


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