6 Reasons why your woman will love your Triumph Bonneville

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From the vintage aura to saddlebags: all the reasons why women love Triumph Bonneville models.

Who owns a motorcycle -regardless brands and performances- took this choice driven by endless reasons,Guest Posting which are not only rational; in many cases, in fact, it may have been an instinctive choice, almost as if it was the bike that chose the biker and not vice versa. This strong passion, most of the times, is so overwhelming that also involves who is going to live and love every minute shared with you and the bike: your woman.

When we talk about Triumph there are several valid reasons why your girlfriend will understand the deep love that binds you to a Triumph motorcycle.

Here is a list of 6 good reasons she is going to love your Triumph:

  1. Vintage charm! This is definitely the case of Triumph motorcycles: no words needed. Bonneville, Scrambler, America e Thruxton, every model that fits Triumph classic range is a cult. Bonneville, in particular, is the model that is most loaded with the principles of freedom and the goal breaking ideals of the years in which it was launched, this is why it best represents Triumph golden era. To these days, the most famous Triumph Bonneville models look has remained stranger to the technological leap imposed by time, while the mechanics have been clearly improved in terms of performances and maintenance. For example, the oil issues have been removed definitively.
  2. It is pleasant to ride! Owning a Triumph motorcycle allows you to both easily move in traffic, and explore free roads. This dual nature make it a great bike to use to commute everyday, and a fantastic bike to go on weekend rides. However, it is not the kind of bike conceived for those who love to go "knee-down", which by the way is not something girls like to do.
  3. It is comfortable! The height of the seat allows a comfortable and safe experience for both rider and passenger, which is crucial to travel long distances.
  4. Unlike other more sport oriented Triumph models (eg Speed Triples, Daytona 675 etc) , Bonneville models allows the installation of roomy saddlebags that differ from Triumph standards. Companies like Ends Cuoio, for example, offer leather saddlebags specifically designed for Triumph, that – even when loaded to full capacuity- have no impact on the riding experience. Ends Cuoio saddlebags for Triumph, as the waxed bags range commercialized by the official brand, can come with a practical shoulder strap.
  5. User friendly! Riding a Triumph, beside being fun, is also surprisingly easy! This quality makes it the perfect bike for beginners and women.
  6. Recall to the movie stars! Elvis Presley, Clint Eastwood and Bob Dylan rode a Triumph Bonneville T120s. Also the famous stuntman Evel Knievel jumped long distances with his Bonneville! Among other movie stars who rode Triumph motorcycles, we remember Steve McQueen e Marlon Brando. Ladies love everything that portraits in real life the charm of movies stories.

The magic of Triumph Bonneville

That being said, beside girls and women who do not like motorcycles at all, or like sport bikes, we are sure that ladie will be overwhelmed by the idea that owning a Triumph motorcycle does not mean only to use a vehicle. A Triumph motorcycle makes you fall in love at the point on which you dedicate “her” all your time and attentions.

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