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Size must not be a deterrence in dressing well. Learn how to embrace your figure, and follow our guide in styling yourself, to suit your body, and look your best! 

Having difficulties with Plus Size Fashion?

Having issues with getting the right fit for your plus size figure?

Worry no more,Guest Posting for you have come to the right place!

Size - is Never a stopping factor when it comes to fashion..

Basically dressing up smartly and elegantly is all about mastering the art of understanding how to dress for your specific body type!

According to the fashion experts, dressing to suit one’s body shape is really important.

It does not really matter if you are plus size, you can still look stylish and gorgeous by just dressing properly and smartly.

Before you go around, looking for tips and trends on dressing well, the key, is to know your body type!

There are three type of body types:-

i: Apple Shape Figure Plus Size Women

It is a fact that dressing up with an apple shape figure is very challenging but at the same time it is easy to hide the problem areas with right kind of attire.

Instead of focusing on your problem areas you have to take advantage of the positive features of your body type which is slim arms and legs.

With an apple shaped body, always remember to select those kinds of dress styles which can help in taking the attention away from the mid section of your body.

First of all start from the upper section of your body, it is a good idea to go for the tops, shirts or tees which draws the eye upward.

It is better that you opt for the top designs which are beside the shoulder and neckline since it will help in taking attention away from the mid-section of the body.

In fact you can very well opt for sleeveless tops to highlight your slim arms, and going for V-necks tops is an excellent idea since it goes well with almost all the body shapes as they tend to elongate the body.

It also helps in making the body shape look much slimmer.

It is also a good idea to buy a pair of good jeans with long t-shirts which can help in hiding the middle section of your body and flatter your bottom portion.

The A-line skirt without any pleats or gathers also looks good on the apple shaped plus sized women.

ii: Pear Shape Figure for Plus Size Fashion

The Pear shape figure plus size women normally have the hips which are relatively wide and the waist is comparatively small.

In fact a pear shaped figure is very common and also known as the triangle or "A" shaped figure.

There are lots of good dressing styles which you can adopt in order to look absolutely fantastic even with the plus sized pear shaped figure.

You can always venture out with those kinds of dresses which has got narrow waistline but not too tight since it facilitates in drawing the attention to your curves.

In fact the A-line skirts are great for pear shaped women which are narrow at the top and flared at the bottom portion.

You should try to avoid the mini dresses or other short outfits which expose the leg above the knee.

The pear shape figure ladies can take advantage of their slender waistline by selecting those kind dresses which has got slim waistline and slightly flared out over the hips and thighs.

Basically these kind of dresses in case of pear shaped plus sized women helps in bringing the eye up away from problem areas.

You can always opt for a boat neck or horizontal stripe tops which can work in balancing your pear shaped body.

In fact these kinds of tops can give an impression of wide shoulders and will also make your hips appear comparatively smaller.

Most of the plus sized pear shaped women look wonderful in blazers and feminine shirts or blouses.

Always try to avoid wearing bulky kind of items around your hip area.

In fact the knee length jackets and coats are simply great to hide your wide hips and thighs.

iii: Hour Glass Figure for Plus Size Fashion

Basically an hourglass figure woman has a well defined waistline, fuller hips, bust and their shoulders and hips are equal in terms of width.

It is considered to be the dream figure to have and it is a well known fact that majority of men prefer a women with this kind of figure.

The plus sized ladies with hour glass figure can very well opt for pencil skirts, A-line cut skirts, A-line cut dresses, wrap skirts and wrap dresses.
Along with it, fitted jackets always make them look more elegant and fashionable.

In fact the plus sized women with hourglass figure can actually enhance their natural waistline by accessorising with a nice looking large waist belt.

It is also a good idea to go for a light top and a dark bottom combination which can emphasize your body curves.

For plus sized women with hour glass figure, proper fitting pants is a good choice since it will not only make them appear slim but also enhance their figure.

They can look amazing with fitted slacks, flat front trousers, boot cut jeans, leggings, jeggings and straight leg jeans.

Basically, the ladies with hourglass figure need not hide any specific part of their body and on the contrary they should show it off.

If you belong to this category, you should venture out with fitted cloths which can show of your curves nicely.

The plus sized women with hourglass figure are indeed lucky to have such a wonderful body shape which can effortlessly pull off just about any kind of style!

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