How to Get Fitting Kurtis

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Kurtis are known as an Indian garments that represent ethnic and cultural value. There are some tips to choose different types of kurtis according to body shape of women.

Kurtis can be worn for various occasions but it is important to find an option that flatters your body type. There are various types of kurtis for women for formal,Guest Posting casual, and party wear. Your body type will determine the color, fit, length, cut, and style of your kurti.

Kurtis for Girls with Apple-Shape Body

You are an apple shape if you tend to have more weight around your waist. Your bust may also be larger but your waist is not well defined. For this body shape, a dark-colored kurti is a good choice to make you seem slimmer. Select kurtis made of silk or cotton. A simple A-line cut will look great on an apple-shape. Choose a kurti with a v-shaped neckline and some embellishment. Avoid loose fitting kurtis because they will make your mid section look bigger.

Pear Shape

Pear shape women tend to have a small bust and shoulders while their thighs and hips are bigger. The waist is defined in this body shape. For this shape, a light-colored kurti will help streamline your lower body. It can have some dark-colored patterns such as sequins, stripes or polka dots on it. A flared kurti looks great on a pear shape. The best neck styles for this shape include square, boatneck, and kurti with a collar. Longer kurtis are ideal because they lengthen your body. Stay away from kurtis that are tight at the bottom because they highlight your larger lower half. You can find various options for this body shape at an online kurtis store.

Hourglass Shape

This is considered the ideal body shape because the upper and lower body is almost similar in terms of width. The waist is also well defined in this shape. Choose a kurti that defines your waist. A narrow kurti that has a particular detail on the waist will help to make your curves stand out. The kurti should be fitting at the waist then flare out. A low neckline is a good choice because it helps to make your upper body look slimmer. The bottom of the kurtis should be bootcut and straight. Find one that end just below the hips. Avoid bulky patterns because they will make you look bigger than you really are.

Square Shape

There are no defined curves with this shape. The upper body and hips are almost similar in terms of width. For this body shape, select a kurti with a broad and deep neck. You can choose a defined style to help highlight your waist. Choose a kurti made of heavy fabric to add some volume to your body. Kurtis with front pleating also look great on square shapes. Avoid loose fitting and straight kurtis because they will make you appear shapeless.

The secret to a fitting kurtis is identifying your body type and choosing a style and cut that flatters you. It is also important to pay attention to the colors because they can either make you look bigger or smaller. These tips can help you make a great choice.

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