Myriad Tarot

Nov 28


Rachel Saxon

Rachel Saxon

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Tarot cards come in a myriad of kinds and designs, all of them with the intended result, of leading you into a psychic connection way.


Tarot cards come in a myriad of kinds and designs,Myriad Tarot Articles all of them with the intended result, of leading you into a psychic connection. Many people cut their reading teeth so to speak by using tarot cards. Some never get further than reading the description from the accompanying booklet. While other people go on to spread their wings and become truly intuitive.

Which ever kind of tarot cards you have been introduced to you will need to remember a psychic can never have too many decks.  Some times it takes time to find the one you connect to so you might need to look at several hundred different tarot card decks before you find the one that your psychic abilities are in tune with. Basically a tarot deck is made up of seventy eight cards which is divided into the major arcane and then it has four different lots of fourteen cards which are sometimes referred to as the minor arcane. These are made up of wands, swords, cups and Pentacles.  The most well known deck is the Rider-Waite deck and this is probably where most people start. The art work on these tarot decks is intricate and full of meaning. When learning to read and even later you will continue to find more and more meanings every time you look at them. My personal favorite is deck that originated in French deck by Mlle.Maria Lenormand which is made of thirty six cards which she is said to have used to read for Josephine, Napoleons wife. I find this deck fascinating as you use the entire deck and read cards in both singles as well as groups together.   It definitely brings your psychic abilities to the fore. And, although it doesn’t have the seventy eight cards of the Rider Waite deck, it can give you incredible insight into any circumstance you might wish to investigate. Your tarot cards can be used for many different readings including the business of solving any problem you might be facing in your life.

I know one lady that collects different decks from around the world. I think at the last count she had in the region of a thousand different decks from some that were totally unique down the most common every day decks. It is difficult to ascertain exactly when tarot first started. Some people say it even originated in Atlantis but recorded evidence seems to show the first cards being used in Italy around the middle of the fifteenth century. The amount of different decks increases daily as they seem to make tarot decks depicting everything. Wherever it started it has become a tool of many a psychic.