Prada – Way to Perfection

May 10


Brunetti Brunetti

Brunetti Brunetti

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It's difficult to enumerate the whole number of fashion brands producing clothes, shoes and non-apparel today. However, among all this infinite multit...

It's difficult to enumerate the whole number of fashion brands producing clothes,Prada – Way to Perfection Articles shoes and non-apparel today. However, among all this infinite multitude of companies there are a few which are as well known and famed throughout the world as Prada. This brand deserves the right to be among the very best. It has already conquered fashionistas' hearts by their amazing outfits andcan be rightfully considered as one of the most desired and sought-after brands in the world of high fashion.

Prada is an Italian companyestablished in 1913 by two brothers Mario and Martino Prada. Rich and long history of the brand growth and development has left its mark on the overall outlook of the company. Specializing in high quality leather goods at the dawn of its existence, today Prada hastaken hand in creation and design of many exclusive luxury goods that signify of its owner's high status in the society. Brothers Prada laid the key concepts of brand style that determined the direction in which the company moved.

Later on Mario's granddaughterMiuccia Prada, who carried on the family business, added her own vision of what the design should be. She did not destroy inherited traditions, but hasskillfully enriched and refined them having breathed a new life into the brand. Her personal beliefs and good education have translated into a new philosophy of clothing design. Due to her great talent and inner feeling for the beautiful she has managed to join seemingly nonconforming things together thus revolutionized the notion of contemporary fashion. Clothes created by Miuccia are expressive and full of freedom, unveiling the feelings and spirit of people wearing them.

Goods produced by the brand are of high quality and exquisite designs. Prada clothing can boast of unsurpassed success among fashion conscious people. Prada clothes are intricate, yet practical, staggering, yet simple. This clothing cannot be described with words. It is created for contemplation. Having once seen the Prada's creation, you fall in love with them forever. Prada is a dream, obsession and temptation. Prada is a hallmark of vogue and style. Prada is loved and admired all over the globe. It has made a great contribution into world's culture and fashion industry in particular.

Apart from its achievements in the world of fashion, the brand has also succeeded in other spheres. For instance, in 2007 the brand in cooperation with LG Electronics initiated the production of exclusive cell phones.

Opting for this brand, you get a one-of-a-kind chance to express your inner world, create an individual style and be irresistible in any single occasion. If you prefer Prada clothes, you are, without any doubts, a person who has an in-depth understanding of fashion and dress with a real flair. Those people who have not had an opportunity to touch this fashion ”masterpiece” need to make all efforts to make it happen. You will be really impressed by the quality and its inimitable style, as well as absolutely new gorgeous lines translated into awe-inspiring garments.

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