Quickly Fix Your Camera At Home

Dec 21




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Save your precious money and the boring waiting from factory returns. Check carefully and think twice before you send your camera in. A home course of quick camera fix.


Digital camera has made its way into our daily life. One can not tolerate a holiday without digital camera. However, Quickly Fix Your Camera At Home Articles the advanced device often has troubles with itself which make us annoying. A digital camera can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to its owner. Once it is out of order, most people suffer and have no choice but send it back to manufacturer to repair. A rarely known truth is that there are chances that some abnormal issues are temporary or just caused by misoperation and these issues can be fixed by yourself at home with no cost at all.


Some of these simple scenarios include camera occasionally cannot start, pictures are wrongly-colored or blurry and data cannot be downloaded to the computer.


Camera occasionally cannot load. Most people will encounter this issue that your camera cannot be loaded when you are sure there is no damage to it. Try the following three methods. One, check external equipments such as battery. Check if the battery is packed correctly according to the requirement. Note that there are always electrode icons marked near the battery cartridge. Then check if the battery power is completely drained. Digital camera consumes power much more quickly than you think, a 700mAh Li-ion battery can only last for one hour if the camera is constantly left on. So be aware of the battery conditions. Second, follow the right starting procedure. Due to the manufacturing and design difference, some camera require a long press to load, while others only need a quick touch or simply flip open the LCD. Read carefully through the operation menu coming with the package. Wrong operation may lead to freeze to your device. Third, system error. This is rare but possible. Try a master restart or take out the battery then place it back.


Pictures are wrong-colored or blurry when taken indoors.  Wrong-colored pictures can be caused by your custom color effect setting that your forgot to turn back or wrong scene match. For instance, you shoot at beach using the scene mode for landscape. Blurry indoor photo, this is a very common mistake and nine out of ten times it's the same scenario: people taking shots indoors without the flash. Just because the camera is digital it doesn't mean that the laws of physics don't apply. If the shutter speed you're using is slower than 1/30 or 1/60 of a second, odds are that the shot will be blurry! A lot of people migrating from film cameras say "well my photos were always sharp with my film camera in these situations", and a likely explanation for that is the use of ISO 400 film. So what's the solution? Here are a few suggestions:use the flash; add more light to the room, if possible; use a tripod; turn up the ISO sensitivity a notch or two. Note that doing this will increase the amount of noise in your image; if you haven't bought a camera yet, consider one with image stabilization


Pictures cannot be downloaded to computer. Other than the malfunction of the software or camera defect, there is a easy way to fix this. buy a card reader. Then, when you insert the memory card, it will mount to your desktop just like another disc, and you can copy the photos directly to your hard disk. You can then use your favorite photo editing software to retouch your photos.


Save your precious money and the boring waiting from factory returns. Check carefully and think twice before you send your camera in.

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