The writing on the wall - when your little ideas need to be thought bigger and shared

Sep 24


Olivia Burnes

Olivia Burnes

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Most companies today have one or more whiteboards today, where urgent projects and creative ideas are continuously listed, developed and shared. Here is the solution when the company needs to vent and lift even greater thoughts and visions.



Today,The writing on the wall - when your little ideas need to be thought bigger and shared Articles whiteboards of all sizes and designs have long since become fixed standard fixtures and gathering forums in the modern office workplace. The glossy white surfaces have become indispensable in the company's daily to-do execution, idea development and knowledge sharing.

So necessary that companies are increasingly upgrading their whiteboard boards to entire whiteboard walls and wall areas based on custom paint or foils.      

In just a few years, dry erase painting has thus become a popular choice, when even very large wall surfaces have to be transformed into smooth surfaces, which you can easily write and erase.

Alternatively, the market today can offer a wide range of self-adhesive foil solutions, with foil of varying widths being rolled out and glued directly to walls, floors and ceilings.  

Knowledge sharing

Large whiteboard wall surfaces are not least ideal, time-saving and valuable for innovative employees who need to develop ideas, share knowledge and work in teams with business planning, brainstorming, high-tech charts and so on.   

Before establishing the company's upcoming whiteboard walls, various dry erase paint types and options should be considered: Should the wall surfaces be traditionally white, preserve their colors, and should they even be magnetic ...?

The whiteboard paint is applied in several stages. First, the wall surface must be prepared with primer / primer and rest. Magnetic surfaces require special priming to be repeated up to four times.

After a day, the two elements of the chalkboard are mixed together and rolled or brushed on the wall within max. one hour. The paint is dry after five hours, but you can only start writing on the wall after a week because the mixture has to harden.


Self-adhesive whiteboard foils have increasingly become the popular and faster alternative to paint because foil rollers are flexible and easier to handle.  

The rollers can be purchased in several sizes, e.g. 100x200 cm, is quite easy to mount on virtually any surface and to use immediately afterwards. 


The wall surface is prepared with special self-adhesive foundation, after which the film is rolled out, adhered exactly like wallpaper and is typically ready for use after 24 hours. 

The Whiteboard foils also come with a magnetic or matte surface that allows you to project images and use the wall as a projector screen.

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