Tough Jobs Need Tough Clothing

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Safety Work Wear Can Be More Than Safe—Dave’s New York Makes It Durable, Comfortable & Even Fashionable

Safety men’s workwear and footwear is unavoidable and even required with the current,Guest Posting strict health and safety laws. According to OSHA, 1,000 workers die in construction accidents each year and another 10,000 construction workers will be seriously injured while on the job—having the correct gear is a must. And army/navy surplus retail stores like Dave’s New York understand the need for work uniforms that aren’t only safe, but comfortable, durable and fashionable. Dave’s has all kinds clothing and accessories to keep you safe, no matter if you’re an architect, zoologist, logger, miner, construction worker, electrical engineer, factory worker or maintenance man. Even ironworkers need clothing to give them a hand.Accidents do happen—manual labor can be dangerous and you need to be prepared. Steel toe boots, work boots and winter boots from Timberland, Red Wing or Chippewa can protect your feet from heavy falling objects or ankle injuries resulting from falling or tripping on site. Work gloves are also a key element in construction clothing—they protect you from skin irritation and hand injuries that can happen when using hand-held equipment or lifting with your hands. Dave’s winter and work gloves from Carhartt have got you covered. Crews working on highways, roadways and streets need reflective wear like vests and tees from Carhartt to keep them visible so they won’t get hit or injured by cars. And lastly electrical, chemical and factory workers need heavy-duty clothes including overalls, pants, shirts and jackets from Carhartt to protect them from the elements they face on a daily basis. It’s always best to play it safe.

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