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With the increase amount of baby boomers on the verge to retirement it's no wonder many of us are looking towards different ways of earning incomes and as a baby boomer myself.

I have joined  where other baby boomers earn money at Wealthy Affiliate.

What It Is

Wealthy Affiliate is considered an online,Guest Posting one-stop university.  It includes all aspects of making an income from affiliate marketing like article marketing and pay-per-click. 

Along with the the rich training are the benefits for Boomers that solves some unique problems we face, such as:

WA doesn't care how old you are.

WA understands fear- there is a panic button!

WA has such a supportive, generous forum, with members who want you to succeed.

WA doesn't ask for referrals.

One way to become independant

It's quite understandable to be cautious with all the scams online - especially those pointed towards Baby Boomers.

Some of the learn-how-to-make millions-yesterday type come-ons are obvious scams.  A good thing to look for is a way to check out the program before paying for it (unless there is a thorough money back guarantee). 

Dropping in on forums to find out what others are saying about a program or product is very possible, and helpful.  To do so, just type the name of the program or product   forums.  So, to check out what folks say about the Wealthy Affiliate, type in "Wealthy Affiliate +  forums" without the quotes.  Another thing is free guides to the program.  This is one of the ways I became interested in WA.

The training is up to you to be independent in the course learning, and that means financial independence can be had also.  Thus,  another unique problem (becoming a burden) gets solved.

Older Boomers who fear having to move in with kids or younger Boomers who fear having to move in with parents can forget that rage in age.  Independence is attainable and maintainable at WA. 

WA gives the good, relevant information that seniors need (one on one coaching is included).

Will you look back on life and say, "I wish I had," or "I'm glad I did"

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Michel Filion

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I am one of over 25,000 members who has been shown that baby boomers earn money at Wealthy Affiliate.

 This is one of a kind affiliate marketing university yes you read correctly it's actually a school that teaches you from the groung up how to become an affiliate marketer and let me ad that if they can do that with me I am sure they can also help you here at Wealthy Affiliate University.

Hi my name is Michel Filion and if you have any questions you can reach me at I wish you good luck in your endeavor and will see you inside.

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