Product Reviews: Affiliate Mistakes Special Report

Feb 17


David Cooper

David Cooper

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In his ebook ... Mistakes Special Report," Chuck ... teaches you how to spot and avoid or correct ten simple, yet costly errors that can ... damage your efforts to promote affiliat


In his ebook "Affiliate Mistakes Special Report," Chuck McCullough teaches you how to spot and avoid or correct ten simple,Product Reviews:  Affiliate Mistakes Special Report Articles yet costly errors that can seriously damage your efforts to promote affiliate programs successfully. Instead of writing about the broad based generalities of affiliate marketing, Chuck takes you by the hand and teaches you why most affiliates never make a dime in commission. Using a detailed and systematic approach, he provides you with an effective, easy to implement solution to correct these mistakes.

The ebook prints out to about 151 pages and although some of the information may seem pretty basic to most advanced affiliate marketers, it does cover in detail how to avoid the mistakes that 95% of all affiliate marketers are making. Most of this ebook delivers rock solid content that both beginning and intermediate affiliate marketers can put to use immediately.

Chuck McCullough is the owner of, one of the most visited affiliate program directories on the Internet today. Chuck also owns and publishes the Affiliate Informer Newsletter. Chucks experience in affiliate marketing along with his unique perspective and boundless enthusiasm, make him very qualified to write a report on affiliate program marketing.

In "Affiliate Mistakes Special Report," Chuck doesn't just tell you what the most common affiliate mistakes are, he provides you with a very clear and concise solution to each of the mistakes. Chuck has divided up each of the mistakes into a chapter of its own.

Chapter 1 provides solid information on why owning the products you promote is a winning proposition for you and your prospective customers. Chuck expertly points out how the benefits of owning the products you promote are endless.

Chapter 2 gives several compelling reasons for you to focus your promotional efforts on one or two programs before expanding to other products or programs. Too many people get this one backwards!

Chapter 5 provides a glimpse into Chuck's "unconventional wisdom". This chapter goes against the grain as far as what many merchants are telling you about promoting their affiliate program. Really good content on the fundamentals of making money with affiliate programs.

Chapter 9 focuses on the business building aspects of affiliate marketing. There are valuable lessons to be learned by reading the section on establishing customer relationships.

Chapter 11 is devoted to advanced affiliate marketing topics. This chapter offers solid ideas that will help to increase your exposure, credibility, and income. I will be adding one of his suggestions about viral marketing to my website as soon as I can.

There are also two bonus chapters included. The information included in these two chapters is very useful. These chapters discuss ways to increase your newsletter subscribers and boost your profits.

The Chapter 7 section about calculating the worth of a visitor when you are purchasing traffic from pay-per-click search engines proved to be a bit confusing to me. However, after my 13-year-old son looked at it and gave me a quick math lesson, it became crystal clear what he was talking about. So, maybe this initial confusion on my part should be attributed more to my mathematical dysfunction and less to Chuck's formula.

In his sales copy, McCullough tells us that anyone can learn the exact methods necessary to have a profitable online business. Now, I am the world's leading skeptic when a person says "anyone". However, after reading this report twice, I can see how anyone that is willing to put in some time and effort can learn the methods presented in this report.

Chuck takes the high road in his report and tells you right up front that making money on the Internet is hard work. He deserves high marks for his honesty. Making money on the Internet is certainly not as easy as some of the "gurus" would have you believe. What makes this report different in my opinion is that McCullough's approach is not solely about affiliate marketing it's also about building your business the right way.

Chuck's expertise in affiliate marketing is clearly evident throughout the book. He provides a solid fundamental approach to affiliate marketing and business building. "Affiliate Mistakes Special Report" is a resource I will refer to often.

If you have even a small interest in promoting affiliate programs, building your online business, and avoiding the mistakes that plague so many affiliate marketers, then I highly recommend "Affiliate Mistakes Special Report". On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate this product a 9.

For more information on Chuck McCullough's ebook, "Affiliate Mistakes Special Report," please visit his site at

I hope Chuck will produce another ebook in the future that will teach us another important aspect of Internet Marketing in the same honest, enthusiastic, well-written manner.