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Chuck Norris is an icon to many men - which is why there are numerous jokes in his name. But instead of making fun of him they make him out to be someone greater.

Chuck Norris is a symbol of how you are able to a macho man and the best ninja you will ever be. It is something that most women do not realize and we really don�t want to. It seems though that men worship him and even create jokes on his behalf.

While numerous jokes are supposed to make fun of the individuals they are focusing on these appear to have the different result. Rather then trying to make fun of the way he looks,Guest Posting talks, or fights the jokes are created to show off all of his assets. To give you a thought of what we mean we have found a few of the more popular jokes that you are going to enjoy.

The bulk of men wear Superman pajamas to bed. Superman on the other hand wears Chuck Norris pajamas.

Every time the boogeyman tries to sleep he goes to his closet and checks to make sure Chuck Norris isn�t there.

Waldo is hiding away because of Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris will not have a heart attack. This is because his heart understand not attack him.

Chuck Norris does not need to bowl a strike. When he taps down only one pin the other pins fall down and faint.

The Manhattan Project was produced to build nuclear weapons that can reinvent the brilliant power of the Chuck Norris roundhouse kick. Unfortunately they did not have the ability to come close to it.

Chuck Norris has chosen to sue the rights to NBC�s best show Law & Order. Evidently those are the names of his left and right legs.

Aliens exist. They are just too frightened to attack Earth while Chuck Norris is still here.

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