Really Make Money Online ( Monetize ) Using Easy and Cheap Advertising Methods

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Confused about how people make money online every day?  Well, I understand.  I was in that boat myself until I found Affiliate Marketing.  The best part about it is, the methods of advertising range from cheap to 100% FREE.  Now how can you beat that?

Running a home-based business is a dream that most people have,Guest Posting yet never pursue. There is, however a secret to making money online. Now, I'm sure you think that I'm going to tell you that there is some type of "magic-voodoo" method that all the Top-level "Gurus" use and that all of the methods are costly.

You probably even think that I'm going to tell you in order to really make money online you need to buy the latest Guru program for $1500-2000. But in fact, none of this is true, and you can genuinely make money from the comfort of your home all using 100% FREE methods.

What? This can't be possible! But.... it is! You see, in order to really make money online, you need to "monetize" your efforts. In the world of Internet Marketing, without monetizing, you will just be wasting your time. But what is "monetizing"?

Monetizing or "monetization" could be thought of as "Earning while you're learning". Fortunately, with the use of the Internet, we are able to put to use WHAT we are actually learning. In fact, if you aren't, you are NOT making good use of your time. Now you can go back to believing that "hyped-up" sales pitch about how the Big time Internet "Guru" made $17,564.78 in the past 30 days while doing nothing on '"auto-pilot", or you can continue to read how to use a more sensible approach.

The best way to actually really make money online ( monetize ) is to do Affiliate Marketing. And the quickest and easiest way to do Affiliate Marketing, with all FREE methods, is by using the "Bum Marketing Method". And just what is the "Bum Marketing Method"?

So the story goes, a man named Travis Sago had figured out how to easily make money online and "monetize" in the process. But his method was so EASY and simple to learn, he also used all 100% FREE ( or as close to FREE as possible ) methods of advertising. His wife had a conversation with him one day, and said, "This method is so easy that even a BUM off the street could do it!"

From there on out, "Bum Marketing" became very popular with Affiliate Marketers. But do you want to know what the best part about the whole thing is? You can do it too! And it doesn't have to cost you an arm-and-a-leg to start either. By writing and submitting articles to different directories, you can actually make A LOT of money online. You can make more than you probably EVER thought was possible!

I should warn you though, you do have to put in some consistent WORK. So, if you don't like that idea, then you can stop reading now. However, by doing little steps at a time, and learning to do them the RIGHT way, you can really make money online ( monetize ) and NO ONE will be able to stop you! To learn more about how you can make money online and monetize your efforts click here:Bum Marketing Training or you can visit the website directly:

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