2009 Honda Accord Gets Bigger and Better

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The latest generation Honda Accord has been a monumental hit. Larger, safer, and more feature-packed, the previous generation the 2009 Honda Accords has already won awards and praise and continues to be a dominant force in its segment. With intense competition from the Toyota Camry and Nissan Altima in particular, the Honda Accord has maintained itself as a segment leader.

Exterior styling is handsome,Guest Posting albeit a bit conservative. In traditional Honda fashion, the Accord has clean lines that will most certainly help the Accord age gracefully. Drivers at one Honda St Louis dealer have found that the styling may be conventional, but it also is gives a bit of an upscale appearance. Inside, South Bay Honda Service says Honda has illustrated its prowess for interior design and ergonomics. The dash layout is clean and organized, and fit and finish is simply top notch. Comfortable seats and ample space, not to mention Honda’s easy to use navigation system, also make the Accord to joy to drive around town or on long trips.

Available on the 2009 Honda Accord is a 271 horsepower V6. In addition to having no shortage of power on tap, the engine also features Variable Cylinder Management, which has become a popular feature at a Honda dealer Washington DC. This system maintains efficiency by shutting down cylinders at cruising speed, helping to get four-cylinder mileage from a V6. When mated to a five-speed automatic, the Honda Accord is smooth and light on its feet.

Overall, the latest Honda Accord is worth a look. Like all Honda sedans, Auto Loans Cleveland believes the Accord truly delivers value which means plenty in today’s economy. Balancing power and efficiency, luxury and versatility, is what the Accord continues to do with ease.

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