4 Ways to Get Rid of an unwanted car

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Selling your car to a new owner is not the only way to get rid of an unwanted vehicle. It certainly isn’t the most convenient way either and may even cause you to spend more money on repairs and advertising than you get from selling the vehicle.

Old cars can be a hassle to sell. Ensuring the vehicle is ready for sale often means having to do some repairs and checks,Guest Posting such as servicing the vehicle, giving it a thorough clean and repairing any minor dents and scratches. Then comes the advertising, the endless phone calls and text messages from potential buyers asking all sorts of questions and requesting all kinds of details. If the vehicle isn’t sold within the first week, it often means interest in it isn’t strong, and you could find yourself spending months trying to sell your car for a decent price and not being successful.

Scrap the car

If you know your car is not going to get you much by selling it online or in the paper, you’re probably better off selling it for scraps. Scrap yards will collect your vehicle for free and pay you for the metal scraps and reusable parts it still possesses. It's easy, convenient and will save you a lot of time and energy. Most scrap yards offer same-day pick-up and will pay you cash for cars on the spot. If your vehicle is no longer road worthy, then scrapping it may just be the best option for you.

Trading it

You can always trade your car for a newer, more reliable vehicle. Trading in an unwanted vehicle is one of the most common ways of getting rid of a used car fast and with minimal hassle. Trading it while purchasing a newer vehicle may also help knock a few hundred dollars off the price of the new vehicle.

It would be a good idea to get an idea of how much your old car is worth before you trade it in at the dealership. Do a little research on how much the model, make, and condition of your vehicle is worth. This will give you an idea of just how much you can get from the dealership and will give you some leverage when bargaining for the right price. Often, it is not a good idea to accept the first offer the dealer gives you when taking your vehicle in for trade. Knowing a little bit about how much it is worth in the market will help get you a fairer price.

Donating it to charity

There are many organisations that will take your old car, sell it on your behalf, and donate the money it generates to charity. Most organisations will come to you and take the vehicle and then sell it as a whole at an auction, or sell its parts, or may even sell it for scrap. Whatever way your vehicle is sold, you can be assured that the money it produces will be going towards a good cause. This is not only a fast and simple solution to getting rid of an old car; it is also a very rewarding one. Donating your old vehicle to charity will leave you feeling content, knowing that your old car will be helping people do good in the world.

Recycling it

Whether your old car is completely undrivable or it cost way too much to fix it and you would just rather get another one, recycling your vehicle just might be the option for you. Most companies will come pick up the vehicle (saving you from having to travel) and may even pay you for it. This is an environmentally friendly option to take and will help reduce waste in the environment.

Making the right choice

With approximately 1.1 million vehicles sold annually in Australia and an estimated 66 million sold worldwide in 2021, a typical passenger car emits 4.6 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide into the air every year. Transport is the third largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Australia, accounting for 17% of total emissions. Increasing by a whopping 60% since 1990. A little less waste on the environment will go a long way. Opting to recycle or scrap your unwanted vehicle may just be the best decision you make and going for an electric car for your next upgrade will help the environment even further.


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