6 Ways to Make Some Extra Cash from Your Car

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We all know that a little extra cash in the pocket couldn’t hurt. In the gig economy, you do have a lot of options but what if we told you the best thing you can monetize is sitting right in your garage.

Some additional money is always helpful when trying to make ends meet. Finding just the right opportunity to earn those dollars might not present itself immediately. We are here to tell you that you really needn’t look that far. Apart from being our trusted companions for getting around town,Guest Posting cars also offer their owners another significant benefit. With your car, you have many avenues open to make a quick buck, here are a few of them for your perusal. One of the main way to make extra cash is to call cash for cars company to sell your car.

Join a Ridesharing App

This one might seem quite obvious, if you have a good driving record and a car that is well maintained, you can be assured of some extra cash whenever you have some time to spare. What might not be obvious is that you can look beyond Uber to join the ridesharing gig. 

Didi the ever-popular Chinese giant ride sharing app have an equally loyal customer base that you can tap into. With their cheaper rates and generous referral programs, the app has built up quite a following in the few years it has been on the market. Other equally great options to explore would be GoCatch and Ola. For women drivers, it might be worthwhile looking into Shebah, the women only ridesharing app that awards 85% of the trip cost to the driver. 

Consider Delivering Food 

If driving around strangers doesn’t seem ideal, an equally in demand market is food delivery. While we all appreciate the convenience of our favourite food delivery services, there is good money to be made on the other side as well. Menulog is probably Australia’s widest reaching food delivery service and is ever ready to accept new couriers.

You might also want to take a gander at Deliveroo that maximises your earnings during the busiest times which happen to be the weekends. Alternatively if you are already driving with Uber, you can also join the platform as an UberEats driver to increase your earnings. Other platforms to consider would be the extremely popular DoorDash is an ever popular food delivery app that as #1 food delivery app in the USA has gained quite a loyal customer base down under. They also offer plus promotions along with a competitive base pay. 

Shop for Groceries 

If you are running some errands anyway and have some extra space in the car, why not put some of that time into shopping groceries for people in need. While platforms we have mentioned before like UberEats and DoorDash started off as purely food delivery apps, the pandemic allowed them to expand into delivering other essentials for people. The good news is if you sign up on these platforms you can switch from being a shopper or deliverer as per your convenience. 

Other apps that pay good money for this much in-demand service includes Aircart that also allows you to contribute to your community while making some extra cash. This is an ever booming sector and there has been a rise of hyperlocal apps like WiseList who currently operate in the Melbourne metropolitan area. 

Become a Courier

The gig economy has further opened up opportunities for a car owner by now enabling them to deliver parcels. While companies have started accepting all forms of vehicles, you will benefit more if you have a larger vehicle like a Ute or SUV since you can accommodate multiple parcels at once. For example you could also try to offer courier services for companies such as Fairfield wreckers and get reasonable cash for your service.

You might have heard of Amazon Flex that will allow you to flex those earnings by delivering Amazon parcels. However this is not all, you have a horde of options to choose from if you are up to the job. There’s Zoom2u that offers you complete flexibility when you work. You can also browse the benefits offered by Aussie favourites like Sherpa and Yello.

Be an Advertiser 

If all the above options sound like too much work for you, the easiest way you can earn some cash without quite working is wrapping your car in advertising. You can earn the money to pay for the car while driving yourself by letting suitable advertisers wrap your car in their colours.

Some advertisers are willing to pay top money for their campaigns to reach the places they want. You can also choose between partially wrapping, half wrapping or fully wrapping your car. Most firms like Wrappli that specialise in moving advertising will invite you to ad campaigns that are based on your driving habits. Companies like Ads on Wheels offer up to $2,100 per campaign and will take care of removal and reinstallation. 

Rent Your Car

Now if you don’t like the idea of wrapping your car or driving around handling tasks for others, you can also earn money while enjoying a day off at home. Rent My Car allows people looking for a car near you or to take a quick trip to rent your car for a handsome fee. You can be rest assured since the app verifies their borrowers and also offers compensation in case your car is damaged or stolen. 

Leaving town for a while or looking to make use of a car that is simply sitting in your garage, consider Drive My Car that requires a long-term commitment from you. Since the app requires at least a 7-day signup, it is suited for those not using their cars for a specific time period but the good news is your car will continue to earn while you are enjoying a cocktail by the beach. 

Owning a car can be an expensive pursuit but it doesn’t have to be. You can earn the money to pay for your down payments or even money for fuel h by considering any of the above options. A car can be a real money making machine for those keen to earn some extra cash. 

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