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You might have heard from your known associates that the driver behavior monitoring system in some of the Toyota cars make them highly sophisticated. While you might have developed an overall idea that this system is meant for monitoring the behavior of your vehicle’s driver, you might not have concise knowledge about it.

Therefore,Guest Posting we are providing some crucial information about this system in the form of a question and answer format. Watch out for the details. Q. Who introduced the system of Driver Monitoring System? Ans. Toyota was the first automobile company that launched one of the unique Asset Tracking Devices in its vehicles in order to enable the fleet and vehicle owners to keep track  on their property. Later on, Lexus also joined the bandwagon by launching its own driver monitoring device in its cars.Q. What is the mechanism of this device?Ans.  This device primarily works in collaboration with the pre-collision system.   Infrared sensors are used in this arrangement in order to sense the behavior of the driver. An additional CCD camera is also mounted in the steering column of the vehicle in which this arrangement is installed. This camera executes the job of tracking  the gaze of the driver as well as tracing the movement of his eyes in relation to the position of his head.  In precise, this process is called eye tracking. Thus, you can conclude that this monitoring device is also capable of performing eye tracking. Q. How can the driver be alerted by this device?Ans. As the eye tracker traces the eye movement of the driver, it is able to interpret if the paying attention to some road warnings ahead. In case it detects that the driver has become inattentive, it immediately sends warning in the form of flashes of lights coupled with auditory alert. If the driver remains unresponsive in spite of this, the system will automatically emit a warning sound followed by automated application of the brakes. Eventually, the car will come to a halt much before it lands into a dangerous situation. Q. What sort of detectors are used by this arrangement for tracing the eye movement of drivers through eye tracker?Ans. As the entire system works on Infrared arrangement, so the eye trackers also make use of LED infrared detectors for sensing the motion of driver’s eyes. Q. Can the driver tracking device trace it if the driver takes a route that I have not specified?Ans. Yes, it can always do so if the arrangement is equipped with GPRS. In that case, you have to create your account with the service provider of the arrangement and  log into your account every time you wish to see what the current position of your car is and what route it is following. However, you must remember here that in most cases these information will come to you in the form of a graph. But this can be counted as another benefit of the system because it makes the process of reading the retrieved data much easier.

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