All You Need to Know About EFI Tuner?

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Anybody can think EFI Tuners are very tough to maintain and a massive investment to make. But when you are investing money on your favorite asset, your bike or vehicle makes it run smoothly, you are investing your money and time in the right direction. EFI tuning not only makes your vehicle fuel efficient but will turn your ride into an exciting experience.

EFI tuning,Guest Posting also known as dyno or engine tuning, is a procedure used in vehicles to make the engine smooth. If someone is thinking about modifying the engine and does not get bothered with the stock pipes, the only option is to redesign the air/fuel ratio. But the main concern is which EFI tuning is appropriate. Previously, EFI tuning did not have many alternatives to select from. But presently, after thorough research, with the help of experienced dealers and following every piece of guidance, anyone can get an idea about EFI tuning. So the bottom line is it is not one of those subjects you can adapt with ease.

So what is the need for EFI tuning? The smell of chromium and power from the V-Twin is like an addiction to bike lovers. After eleven long years of research, they have come up with eight varieties of EFI tuning, and the research is still going on for perfect engine tuning. Some characteristics and benefits of proper EFI tuning are as below.

EFI Tuner Differentiation

•    Distributor flash
•    Aftermarket flash
•    Piggyback
•    ECU Delphi tuners
•    Digital technician
•    ECU Replacement/Autotune
•    Superchips
•    Power commander
•    V&H Fuel Pak
•    Twin Fueler
•    TMAX
•    Doebeck
•    Daytona Twin tec
•    S&S VFI
•    RevPerf Performance
•    TTS MasterTune
•    Screamin Eagle Pro Super Tuner
•    PowerVision
•    Direct Link

Piggyback Systems

Piggyback EFI Tuner offers fuel adjustment. While applying this, the factory O2 sensor must be switched off or removed. The reason behind it is they will retain the “canned download”. At that exact moment, they must fix the fuel. The purpose of piggyback systems is different from Delphi systems on motorbikes. Support tables, including warm-up fuel, cranking fuel, idle rpm, accel, IAC position, throttle progressivity, and other no engine parameters, cannot get handled with these systems. They can manage only a tiny amount or no heat control at all.

ECU Replacement/Auto-Tune

TMAX utilizes the Bosch LSU 4.2 broadband sensor. They cannot provide the usefulness of “free” air standardization of O2 sensors. After some time TMAX EFI Tuner done with the uncalibrated sensor will tune itself automatically, and the bike will become rough and problematic. Burning curves always create difficulty.

S&S VFI functions well with auto tunes. The primary issue is burning curves. If the engine is cold, then starting and warming up is going to be tough. When the O2 sensors get heated and can send data, the engine will start up and warm up.

Top Benefits

•    Information recording and information that is functional
•    Auto tuning on Dyno – small band and broadband
•    Cost
•    Technical assistance
•    Simple to operate

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