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Auto Accessories Network as the official medias, advertising, news, and other topics, a comprehensive and in-depth interpretation of the Ten selection and reported

Market development last year,Guest Posting caused by climate conference in Copenhagen Earth Battle of low-carbon as the theme to promote the joint development of economic and industrial chain effect, but also led to profound thinking in the field of automotive supplies, the market situation of the disorder from the industrial The words green low-carbon development path seems urgent.

In this context, in 2011, HC Auto Accessories hand in the automotive supplies (HS), government departments, production companies, distribution companies, the majority of owners and industry media co-sponsored by the automotive supplies Green Alliance "organization, take the lead in advocating industry-wide joint to promote the industry green low-carbon economy industrial development, R & D, production, circulation and other aspects of every product from the start, assume full responsibility for the social responsibility of industry, guidance, education, and wake up the whole industry who protect the environment, protect the Earth's awareness;

As automotive supplies the Jieshou a large-scale low-carbon Alliance, the national launch of the "Green Alliance" Presentation Ceremony of the large selection of the scene of the launching ceremony and the first sponsored enterprises "green Declaration read.

Times to give the industry a new mission, the start of the "Green Alliance" has important practical significance: It is designed to unite the upstream and downstream enterprises of the National Automobile supplies industry, erected in the industry side of the banner of green low-carbon, brought together an strong green low-carbon power. HC not only served as the authority of the media to guide the green trend, but also take the lead as one of the initiators for the green revolution oath.

The first domestic car supplies green alliance "is the first batch of sponsor Leaders' Declaration solemn, Activity reports quickly HC outstanding interpretation of the media, the "nature"

Experienced enrollment audit from October 20, 2010 to February 24, 2011, ten selected activities, the first round of online voting, the top 30 advanced 20, 20 expert review, the five stages of the ten awards ceremony, the organizers launched massive publicity Raiders HC Auto Accessories, including: outdoor advertising in the country more than 30 auto parts supplies the city with stores, banner ads, and poster advertising the full delivery;Main products: car dvd player and in car camera, are with good quality.  activities promotional materials and voting coupons into various stalls promotion activities; more than 10 trade media, industry more than 100 corporate websites and internal publication of the advertisements of the running; feature live coverage of the portal.

HC Auto Accessories Network as the official media, advertising, news, and other topics, a comprehensive and in-depth interpretation of the Ten selection and reported. From the survey report shows that 72% of companies surveyed said the media publicity of this event "reports in a timely manner, 26 percent said" very strong ". The current Ten selection once again shows that HC position as the authoritative media.

External communication of the ten selected activities to promote the overall effect by definitely

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